Brody Jenner Tells Friend To Go ‘F*** Himself’ After Begging For Kendall’s Number: She’s ‘So Hot’

OMG! Brody Jenner just shared a segment of a conversation in which a friend admitted to ogling his sis Kendall Jenner and it's totally hilarious!

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As many brothers out there know, it’s always challenging when your friends decide to share with you that they think your sister is “hot.” But let’s add supermodel looks, a mountain of cash and fame throughout the world to this aforementioned sister. That’s when we arrive at Brody Jenner, 34, who has absolutely no luck in this department. On Friday, March 30, the reality star took to Instagram to share an amazing segment from a conversation with a friend in which he had to brush off some very blunt comments about his sis Kendall Jenner, 22.

“I’m directly next to your sister candle in traffic who is driving the sickest f**king for Ferrari I’ve ever seen,” a pal named Adam said to Brody, clearing using the speech-to-text option. “Oh the perks of having a beautiful sister,” he responded, followed by the eye-roll emoji. “And her name is Kendall  you idiot.” For good measure, he added the face-slap emoji here! We’re definitely getting the sense that Brody is used to hearing obnoxious comments about his sisters!

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“Bruh I know she is your sister and all but she is so faaackin ridiculously hot– will you text her my bumble profile?” this Adam character then wrote. “Let me marry into the family. We’ve always felt like brothers, let’s make it official.” That’s when Brody shuts him down in the best possible way! “&&&&&&&& go f**k yourself Adam,” he wrote followed by some laughing-to-tears emojis. We definitely don’t disagree with Adam’s assessment but telling her brother is a pretty lousy thing to do, right?! But Brody handled it beautifully! With gorgeous sisters on TV all the time, this guy totally knows how to handle skeezy marriage requests from friends!

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