‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Scott Speedman Romances Meredith & She ‘Feels Something’

Did Meredith meet the second love of her life during the March 29 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'? It sure seemed that way! Read our recap to find out why.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC

Scott Speedman was introduced as a possible new love interest for Meredith during the March 29 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and we couldn’t be more excited for her. Seriously! Not only was his character (“world-class” transplant surgeon Dr. Nick Mars) “smart, funny and hot”, as Meredith later described him to Alex, but he also made her feel something she hasn’t since Derek died. Those were also her words — not ours. Anyway, he came into the hospital to pick up a kidney, but quickly ended up in a hospital bed of his own when he started suffering from complications from his own kidney transplant. He assumed he was just rejecting the organ, since was only a few weeks post-op, but instead Meredith eventually learned he had a clot in the renal vein. Subsequently, he was rushed into surgery. And fortunately for everyone, he survived, which of course, put a smile on Meredith’s face because while they were waiting for his test results ahead of surgery, he was hardcore flirting with her. He also told Meredith that he’s raising his niece Charlotte due to his immature sister, and his mom died waiting for a heart transplant. So not only is he “smart, funny and hot”, but he also has a good heart! “You saved my whole damn life,” he told her after waking up from his surgery.

Meanwhile, Owen finally arrived in Germany and told Teddy how he feels about her. He also told her that he and Amelia were done, which led to a bunch of kissing and a naked romp in the sack. But after their love making concluded, she had to ask, “What are you doing here?” And that’s when s*** hit the fan. He accidentally let it slip that Amelia was the one who pushed him to go to Germany. And things just got worse when she asked when Amelia told him to do so. As you’ll recall, this discussion between Amelia and Owen happened after they slept together — just 24 hours prior to his arrival in Germany. Teddy freaked out and accused Owen of being afraid to be alone. She said she refuses to be his “consolation prize” and kicked him out, saying, “I’m done, Owen,” while tears ran down her face.

And finally, April’s crisis of faith was challenged when she was forced to treat a rabbi, whom Bailey had previously prescribed antibiotics three different times instead of recommending surgery. Because of it, he was nearly covered from head-to-toe in a massive rash that made his skin split in two. Sadly, the condition ended up killing him, but not before he and April had an emotional chat. She confessed to him that she’d done everything God asked of her, and in return, she was left with painful experiences (the death of her son, Matthew’s wife dying on her watch, etc.). But he told her that God doesn’t guarantee anything. “Faith wouldn’t be real faith,” he told her, “if you only believed when things were good.” He continued, “The world is full of brokenness. It’s our job to put it back together again.” Could these be the words April has been needing to hear? We can only hope.