‘The Resident’ Recap: Nic Becomes Lily Kendall’s Nurse Again As Her Cancer Worsens

Conrad is reunited with his ex-fiancée when she's admitted to Chastain with abdominal pain. Nic and Conrad also continue their investigation into Dr. Hunter's cancer treatments as Lily Kendall's condition worsens.

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Lily Kendall is walking alone at night as she struggles with her breathing. She collapses against a graffiti-covered wall, and has to be readmitted to Chastain for her ongoing battle with cancer. When she gets there, Nic Nevin and Dr. Conrad Hawkins help her calm down as she struggles with a panic attack. She explains that she had just been infused with another round of chemo at Dr. Hunter’s clinic, and believes the dose was strong enough to kill her. The two medical professionals remind her that she can get a second opinion, and Nic refers her to oncologist, Dr. Osder.

Conrad’s Ex-Fiancée Comes Back Into His Life

A woman in an ambulance is screaming in agony, and the EMT tells her they’re close to Atlanta General. She shouts in disagreement, telling them she wants to go to Chastain and specifically requests Conrad. The second she arrives, it becomes clear the two know each other. He sees her and calls her by her name, Catherine. She faints from her pain, but once she wakes up, the resident is waiting right there with her. They talk about how it’s been 11 years since they’ve seen each other and how she just moved back to Atlanta a month ago. She also mentions her husband. Nic comes in and Conrad introduces the patient being admitted for acute abdominal pain as an old friend. Catherine then admits that their history was “a bit more complicated than that… Conrad was my fiancé.”

After running some tests, Conrad comes back with positive news. He reveals that she’s six weeks pregnant, and he admits that he’s incredibly happy for her and her husband, who have been trying to have a baby for two years. He has an OB team come to check on her and perform an ultrasound. After he leaves her, Nic asks why they didn’t get married. Conrad confesses that she left after he punched his dad at the reception dinner. He also says, “I did love her. I don’t love her anymore, but I care about her very much and I want to fix her.”

When Nic treats Catherine alone, the patient asks how long she’s been in love with her ex. The nurse questions why she’d ask that, and Catherine points out that she still wears the ring Conrad gave her. “It belonged to his mother,” the patient explains, which Nic didn’t know. “You must mean a great deal to him if he gave it to you,” she adds.

Catherine’s pain from an obstruction in her abdomen worsens exponentially, and she needs to be prepped for emergency surgery. Dr. Bell is on duty, which concerns everyone — including Bell himself, who found out that the CEO installed cameras in every operating room to catch any future surgical errors. Conrad calls in Jude from his day off to perform the surgery, and Bell chews him out for having the audacity to replace him. “You owe me,” the chief of surgery says as he leaves the room. He then breathes a sigh of relief after he walks out.

When Jude and Dr. Okafor start the surgery, they find that Catherine’s abdomen is filled with blood. Conrad runs to a computer and starts to analyze her file as Jude and Okafor try to stop the bleeding. He realizes there’s a second obstruction near her pelvis that the OBGYN missed, and relays that information to the doctors. They find and clamp it, which stops the bleeding and stabilizes her blood pressure.

Nic comforts Conrad after finding out his ex-fiancée nearly died. She then asks him when his mother gave him the ring he gave her. He admits that his mom gave it to him before he left for war, and he didn’t tell Nic about its significance because he wanted her to feel like it only belonged to her. “She said give it to the love of your life,” he said his mom told him about the ring. When Nic asks if he wants it back, he says, “No. You earned it.”

Nic Keeps Fighting For Lily Kendall

Dr. Okafor picked up puppies from the animal shelter, which Nic brings to the pediatric ward. Okafor leaves the room and a puppy named Cookie sneaks out behind her. A woman in a wheelchair picks the pup up and puts it in her bag before she gets wheeled off. Nic realizes the dog is missing and sees the woman holding him as the elevator doors she’s in closes. The nurse finds the woman later, but she and her caretaker lie and say the dog got away. After Nic leaves, they pull the dog out from its hiding spot and continue to play with it. Later, Cookie sneaks out of the hospital room while Edna is sleeping and a nurse opens the door.

Devon introduces Conrad and Nic to his fiancée Priya, who’s been questioning some of Dr. Hunter’s previous patients. However, she reveals that they all had nothing but nice things to say about Lane. She agrees to keep digging. Meanwhile, the doctor Nic referred Lily to calls Dr. Hunter, and tells her that the nurse gave the patient her name.

Lily needs emergency care. She’s in shock and is hypothermic. Lane shows up and tells the doctors exactly what medication she’s on, and they work to stabilize her. Dr. Hunter then finds and asks Nic to take over supervising Lily’s care. Nic agrees, admitting she’d do anything for Lily.

Lily wakes up to find Cookie sitting on the ground near her bed. Nic comes in and excitedly realizes the pup is there. She brings her over to Lily, who asks if she can keep her. The nurse tells her that the dog is all hers. Lane asks her to give Lily a high amount of Potassium, which Nic questions but ultimately agrees to. Once she sets the patient up with the medication and leaves for the night, Lane sneaks back into the room.

Lily’s room starts beeping and Conrad sees it on his way out. He rushes to her and finds that she’s collapsed onto the ground. “I’m dying,” she tells him. They lose her pulse and he orders the doctors who came to assist to shock her heart. They continue to shock her and when her pulse dies completely, Conrad jumps onto the bed to give her CPR, but after 20 minutes with no luck they have to call it. Lily Kendall is dead.

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