Tori Spelling’s Mom Candy ‘Can’t Stand’ Dean McDermott, New Report Claims

Candy Spelling is allegedly no fan of son-in-law Dean McDermott. A new report claims that she can't stand the man that her only daughter Tori married.

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Relations with in-laws can be a challenge, and Tori Spelling, 44, reportedly can’t get mom Candy, 72, on husband Dean McDermott‘s side even though they’ve been married for almost 12 years and have five kids together. “She can’t stand him,” an insider tells Us Weekly, but adds that Tori and her mom also have a “really complicated, kind of horrible relationship.” Sadly it sounds like Tori can’t lean on her mom’s shoulder with whatever has been going on in her private life with Dean. Police were called to the family’s house on March 1 after someone called 911 saying Tori was allegedly acting  “aggressive,” going through what one source told TMZ was a “nervous breakdown.” Tori, Dean and their kids have since gone out in to dinner as a family in a show of unity, even though they were hounded by paparazzi.

Another source tells the publication that “Tori and Dean’s marital problems have nothing to do with Candy.” The couple has five kids ages 10 and under, which has to be really stressful. Dean’s 2014 cheating scandal also rocked their marriage and Tori has had massive trust issues ever since. She even had her own reality series Tru Tori that documented how they were trying to deal with his infidelity and attempted repair their marriage. Yeah, it was pretty brutal.

Tori has admitted to a rocky relationship with her mom, pinning some of it on her late father TV producer father Aaron Spelling. In a 2014 interview she told Access Hollywood Live that, “I was very much a daddy’s girl. And as an adult, I can go back and look at the relationship and see that he kind of always positioned [Candy] as, like, he was good cop, she was bad cop. And he kind of created a little bit of that dynamic. It wasn’t just all her.”

The 90210 alum added “You always want that relationship, and you keep wanting to attain it, even if it’s something you can’t ever get … and it’s hard. I think the biggest thing in a mother-daughter relationship is accepting the relationship for what it is, not what you want it to be. And I haven’t gotten there yet. I still want that mother-daughter relationship that I hope it can be.” Sadly it sounds like she still isn’t there yet.


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