‘The Challenge:’ Recap: New Vendettas Are Created After A Broken Promise Leads To An Elimination

On the March 13 episode of 'The Challenge: Vendettas,' one player is completely blindsided when she's voted into the Ring -- and forced to compete against one of the best challengers of all-time.

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It’s a whole new game after Johnny Bananas’ elimination on The Challenge: Vendettas. This week, the competitors are split into three teams, and tasked with stacking up 45 palettes in order to raise a flag. However, teams can also steal palettes from each other to further themselves in the challenge. This week is a double elimination, so a guy and a girl will be nominated into the Ring. Devin has a Grenade from winning the last elimination, and he chooses “Team Up,” giving him the ability to choose the teams. The teams are as follows: RED – NelsonKailah, Brad, Kam, Devin.  GREEN – Nicole, Natalie, Zach,Tony, Britni and BLUE- LeroyJemmye, Kyle, Cara Maria. Obviously, with less people, Blue is at a disadvantage. Devin’s team-making strategy doesn’t work out as he planned, though, and the Green team wins the challenge, with Blue coming in second place.

The Green team has to choose three members to make up the Troika. Zach did the majority of the legwork, so he’s automatically in, and he chooses Tony to join him. Tony and Zach warn Britni that they’ll probably want to put all the guys she’s aligned with up for possible elimination, so they let her know it’s best for her to keep her hands clean on this one. She gets a guarantee from the guys that they won’t throw her in on the girls’ side, and agrees to sit out, with Natalie taking the final spot. Meanwhile, the Red team has to choose one guy and girl amongst them to automatically go into the Ring. The vote is unanimous for Brad and Kam.

It’s now up to the Troika to choose three possible male opponents and three possible female opponents to go up against Kam and Brad. Despite promising Britni that he wouldn’t say her name, Zach decides to vote her in because of her strong alliances with a lot of the guys. The final choices are Nelson, Kylie and Leroy for the guys and Jemmye, Britni and Cara for the girls. Obviously, Britni is pissed, but Zach and Tony promise her they’ll give her a heads up if they’re going to actually throw her in the Ring.

That promise is broken, too, as the Troika unanimously chooses Britni and Nelson to go in. This elimination will be a bit different, though — there’s four Challenge champs, known as Mercenaries, coming back to take on the four competitors. This time, it’s Laurel, Ashley, Darrell and Frank. For the challenge, the players will start back to back, attached by a rope, then run around a giant ring and essentially play tug of war with their bodies to try and ring their bell first.

The matchups are as follows: Kam vs Ashley, Britni vs. Laurel, Brad vs. Frank and Nelson vs. Darrell. Brad and Frank are up first, and Brad wins with ease. Next up are Ashley and Kam, with Kam taking the win (again!) and keeping her spot in the house. Darrell and Nelson go head-to-head next, and after they fight for an HOUR in the Ring, TJ Lavin calls a DRAW. That means Nelson gets to stick around, although he won’t get a Grenade at the next challenge.

Finally, Britni has to take on Laurel, and although she gives it a good fight, she’s obviously much smaller than her competitor, and Laurel pulls out the win, eliminating Britni. Britni is livid, and vows to come back for revenge on Natalie, Tony and Zach in future challenges. To end the episode, Brad and Kam are given the following Grenade options: 1) Cash – take anyone’s money, 2) Tied Up – tie anyone’s ankles up at the next challenge or 3) Time Up – add time to somebody’s final time at the next challenge. We’ll have to find out what they choose next wek!

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