Brittany Furlan Urges Fiance Tommy Lee & Sons To Get Counseling & Swears She’s Not A Gold Digger

Brittany Furlan tells us EXCLUSIVELY that she's encouraging fiance Tommy Lee and his sons to seek family counseling together to solve their issues. She's also shooing down allegations that she's a 'gold digger.'

Tommy Lee‘s fiancée Brittany Furlan says she’s urging her future husband and his sons Brandon, 21, and Dylan, 20, to enter therapy together to work out their issues after Brandon allegedly punched his dad on March 5 in what he claimed was a failed intervention. “I told his son Dylan that I think he and his brother and father should all do counseling because the boys barely spoke to their dad this whole time they’ve been here with us. Dylan told me to stay out of it,” the former Vine star tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“They’ve been living with us full time since I’ve been here. It’ll be a year this June that I’ve lived here. Their mom put her Malibu house for rent and left for France and the boys didn’t want to get their own places so they moved in here. I know they say it was to ‘help their dad but we barely saw either of them while they were here. They were always going out or in the studio. We all got on quite well. Or so I thought… I didn’t know they had any issues with me…they never told me about any intervention and you think they would considering I’m his fiancé but who knows,” Brittany tells us.
Now the boys are going to have to find a new place to live as they’re no longer welcome to live in their dad’s house. “Tommy doesn’t want them living here anymore. He’s given them everything and they disrespected him in his own home and lied to the press. He wants them to go get real jobs and be responsible. He thinks it’s the only way they’re going to grow. They’re getting their things Monday,” Brittany reveals. 

She says that the rocker is already in counseling and things were getting better until the alleged fight. “I got Tommy into therapy and everything was improving until this incident, but the boys wouldn’t have known that because they hardly spoke to either of us while they were here. They were always in the studio or busy going to Hollywood events,” Brittany says. “I know it’s not my place so I didn’t push anything. I just wish peace for all involved. It’s hard to just stand on the side and watch things fall apart when you love someone so much, and all you want to do is help,” Tommy’s concerned fiancée tells us.

Right now father and son are estranged as 55-year-old Tommy went public on March 6 about their alleged fight, posting a gruesome Instagram photo of his face with a swollen lip and dried blood around his mouth, saying that Brandon gave it to him. A 911 tape was released the next day where a frantic Brittany could be heard talking to the operator about how her fiance was knocked unconscious and that her “stepson” had just fled the family’s Calabasas home.

Brandon later released a statement of his own on March 7, saying that he had tried and failed to perform an intervention with his dad. “I’m devastated at the events of the last several days that have been a result of my father’s alcoholism. I love my father and just want to see him sober, happy and healthy.” Tommy then shot back on Twitter that he didn’t have a drinking problem and called his model son a “spoiled brat.” His ex-wife and Brandon’s mom Pamela Anderson, 50, then released a statement the following day defending her son’s actions as self-defense. She also said that Tommy has issues with alcohol and accused Brittany of enabling his drinking. Yeah, it’s a great big mess.

Brittany is defending her position as Tommy’s sweetheart, saying she’s not with the Motley Crue drummer — who is 24 years her senior — for his money but for his love. “I know people pin me as this ‘gold-digger’ fiancée, but if they did their research they’d see I made an exuberant amount of money on Vine and truly don’t need anything from anyone but love,” she tells us.

The internet star also believes that Brandon and Dylan might be jealous of her presence in their dad’s life, especially after they got engaged on Valentine’s Day after less than a year of dating. “All I can say is that I think the boys are not happy having me around because Tommy and I are so in love and they feel like they’re being forgotten. But that isn’t the case. He loves his boys. I remember feeling this same way when my dad first started dating my stepmom.” Brittany hopes that time will eventually heal the wounds that are going on between her fiance and his sons, adding “Anyway, I’m sure this whole thing will resolve itself. The love is there.”

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