Pam Anderson Breaks Silence On Tommy Lee Drama: He’s A ‘Sociopath’ & ‘Deserved’ To Get Punched

Pamela Anderson has broken her silence about the alleged fight that went down between her son Brandon Lee and ex, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

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Pamela Anderson, 50, is standing by her eldest son after her ex Tommy Lee publicly accused him of assault. The actress took to her website to respond to the drama for the first time in a blog post called, “Alcoholism is the Devil.” She started by saying that she feels “justice is at work,” and believes her son, Brandon Lee, will be able to rectify the “unfortunate and sad” situation alongside his team. “I pray Tommy gets the help he needs. His actions are desperate and humiliating,” she wrote. “He is a disaster spinning out of control and he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new. My sons have made every attempt to help him in recent months – staying with him to make sure he’s ok. Just by being present with him they were hoping he’d feel loved and act differently.”

The 21-year-old had been staying with his musician father, and the alleged altercation happened at their home. Sources close to the family have said that Brandon claims him punching his father was out of self-defense, after they argued about Tommy’s social media post that ridiculed Pamela for talking about their relationship with Piers Morgan in a weekend interview. In his first statement, Brandon asserted that the events “have been a result of my father’s alcoholism,” which Pamela echoes on her website.

“I will never talk to Tommy again before he is sober and in his right mind. Though he’s made attempts to contact me. I have blocked him. It is impossible to reason with crazy. I’m sure the world can see the truth,” Pamela said. “I stand beside my son who acted out of self defense and was scared for his life. Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family. Consistently the centre of sadness, drama and confusion. Jealous of his sons talent and beauty from the day they were born. He is sick. The definition of narcissist/sociopath- His fiancé keeps him drunk – this is what he wants – someone to behave badly with. It’s terrible and unfortunately he has made this private matter very public.”

The model explained that she’s currently in France, and her son asked her to remain there instead of flying to be by his side. “He is happy and content that I am safe and loved where I am at,” she said. “He has invaluable support and has everything under control. His heart amazes me. He still does not want to see his dad in Jail. He just wants him to get sober.” The mother-of-two also noted that the musician is lashing out due to what she believes is embarrassment. “He punched him in the nose for all of us who he has hurt – Now Tommy feels humiliated – and is attempting to destroy his own son. This is the Devil – This is the disease of alcoholism.”

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