Rick Ross Raced To The Hospital After He’s Found ‘Slobbing Out The Mouth’ & Fans Send Prayers

Not Da Boss! Rick Ross, 42, was reportedly hospitalized after the ‘Florida Boy’ rapper was ‘breathing heavy and unresponsive’ while in his Miami home! Is Rick going to be okay?

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UPDATE (5:26pm ET): TMZ reports that Rick Ross “has been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs.”

This is scary. Rick Ross is only 42 but the rapper has already dealt with a handful of medical issues. The latest health scare came in the early hours of March 1, according to TMZ. Someone at his home in Miami called 911 around 3:30 AM, saying that there was a “person in distress [who] was breathing heavy and unresponsive.” The caller reportedly said the person had a history of seizures – a condition Rick has dealt with in the past. The caller also said that they were trying to wake Rick up, but he was “slobbing out of the mouth.”

Supposedly, the person in distress was woken up, and when they did, they “became combative,” law enforcement sources tell TMZ. The person – who TMZ claims to be Rick — was rushed to a hospital where they received reparatory treatment, “possibly for pneumonia,” according to TMZ. However, a family member “strongly denied” to the publication that Rick was hospitalized.

As mentioned before, Rick Ross has a history of medical issues. He suffered two seizures on two separate flights in October 2011, according to TMZ. Doctors ran tests on the rapper and found no real reason for them. Rick blamed them on a lack of sleep, but he took action to change his life afterward. Rick altered his lifestyle and diet, and the notoriously beefy rapper slimmed down, dropping up to 100lbs.

When fans heard that Rick was reportedly hospitalized, they pretty much sent their well-wishes to the hip-hop heavyweight. “Get Well Fam,” one twitter user wrote. “Prayin’ for a speedy recovery Boss.” “Keep Rick Ross in your prayers.” “Prayers up for Da Boss!”


Here’s hoping Da Boss gets better. He’s got a newborn to take care of. He and Briana Camille welcomed their first child together in September 2017. When announcing their new child, Briana shared an Instagram picture that Rick had already started showering his baby girl with gifts. “Daddy starting bad habits already,” she said. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Rick is back on his feet sooner than later.

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