Nick Jonas’ Mystery Makeout Partner Revealed: 5 Things To Know About The Lucky Woman

Sizzling! Nick Jonas was spotted making out with a sexy new lady and we've found out who she is. Here's five things to know about his new mystery woman.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Flaunt Magazine

What a lucky lady! Nick Jonas, 25, has been single for awhile now but he’s finally found a woman who has caught his eye. The singer was spotted making out with a gorgeous brunette in Sydney, Australia while on vacation down under visiting his brother Joe Jonas, 28, who is currently a coach on The Voice Australia. The two spent the day biking, walking along the beach and later kissing passionately at the Watson’s Bay Hotel after grabbing drinks. We’ve got five things to know about his mystery girl.

1. Her name is Annalisa Azaredo.

Annalisa is a native Australian so it looks like Nick met a local who caught his eye and took her out on one of the best dates ever.

2. Annalisa isn’t famous. 

While Nick has had plenty of celebrity girlfriends including stunning former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, Annalisa is a regular citizen. It just goes to show that even normal everyday folks have a shot at dating a star!

3. Annalisa is a smartie!

She studied biomedical sciences at the University of Melbourne. That’s pretty impressive.

4, Annalisa is not taking her newfound fame to heart.

Ever since word broke that she was the lady pictured passionately kissing Nick, she’s deleted all of her social media accounts. Given, her Facebook and Instagram accounts were already set to private. But now they’re deactivated just in case any of her friends decide to spill dirt on her. Super fans noticed Nick actually followed Annalisa on Instagram before she took her account down. See pics of Annalisa before she deleted her social media here.

5. Annalisa is a tough cookie!

While biking in Sydney with Nick, she fell and badly scraped up both of her knees. They were bloodied in photos of the two sitting on the beach but that didn’t stop her from having a blast on her date with the “Close” singer.