Kylie Jenner: Why She Finally Broke Down & Hired Nannies For Stormi After Insisting She Wouldn’t

Before Stormi arrived, Kylie Jenner was adamant about no nannies. However, it 'didn't take long' for her to change her mind. Find out what pushed her over the edge!

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Looks like Kylie Jenner, 20, has gotten off her high horse about not wanting help with her baby daughter Stormi Webster! During her pregnancy, the makeup mogul insisted she would raise her child on her own without ANY nannies, but since the baby’s birth, Kylie has found herself in over her head. As a result, she’s hired a significant amount of help — cue the I-told-you-so’s! But hey, at least the 20-year-old can admit when she’s wrong, right? Click here to see adorable pics of baby Stormi.

Kylie had every intention of raising Stormi without nannies but it didn’t take very long for her to admit that she needs help,” a source close to Kylie shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “She went three nights in a row without really sleeping. After that she broke down and hired night nurses.” Once Kylie got a taste of what that was like, she apparently couldn’t resist asking for even more assistance. “That was such a big help she very quickly started hiring more staff for her and Stormi,” our insider explained. “Her mom is still helping her but she’s got her own life, she’s not giving that up.”

Of course Kylie’s opinionated family is rubbing her nose in it a little bit, after all, she was SO convinced she could take care of Stormi all on her own. “Kylie had to eat a little humble pie when she agreed to hire nannies because she made such a big deal about how she wasn’t going to do it,” the source added. “She definitely said some things that were a little offensive to her sisters about them using nannies, they’re giving her a hard time about it now.”

At first, Kylie said she only wanted family members around her child, but once Stormi arrived, she realized that wasn’t very realistic. With the extra set of hands, it seems Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, 25, are handling parenting well. In fact, the two are on better terms than ever now, as Travis recently gave Kylie a lavish $1.4 million push present! He gifted her with a rare Ferrari, and she’s completely in love with it.

“It really proves to her that Travis loves her because this gift was just so perfect for her,” our insider told us. “It put the nail in the coffin for her and Tyga, that’s for sure. She hasn’t talked abut him once since Travis gave her this car. She’s all about Travis again.”

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