‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Model Lais Ribeiro: How YOU Can Feel Confident In A Bikini At Any Size

The 2018 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue has models of all shapes and sizes, and now, one of them is revealing her top tips so you can feel good about yourself!

“I think it’s all about the fit,” Lais Ribeiro told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Anyone can look good in a bathing suit, but what’s most important is the fit and making sure that you can move around on the beach or by the pool. I also think pairing your bikini with a really nice sarong helps keep the look a little more fashionable and lets you cover up if you’re feeling a little modest.”

Lais looked so gorgeous at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party in NYC on Feb. 14. She wore a sexy silver dress with a low cut neckline — hot! Her hair was styled in waves and pulled into a flirty ponytail. Hairstylist Teddi Crandord used ApotheCARE Essentials The Booster Dynamic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner as a canvas for her pretty look. Lais showed off her long, toned legs at the event, and told us, “I have to say, working out isn’t always my favorite. There are days when I have to force myself to get to the gym. Once I’m there, I like to do circuit training with a mix of cardio and toning. The most dreaded move for me is a burpee!”

She’s Brazilian, so when I asked about her favorite beach in the world, she said, “Of course I have to represent Brazil and say that those are the best beaches in the world, but the beaches in the Bahamas where we shot Sports Illustrated Swim are incredible too. I don’t know if it’s technically a beach activity, but I love hang gliding!” As far as keeping her entire body in tip top shape, Lais told me she is obsessed with Nuxe Dry Oil to keep her skin hydrated and healthy!

As far as her model diet, she says, “I love eggs and avocado for breakfast. For lunch, I usually each some type of salad and for dinner I have a protein with veggies. Cheat meals really depend on what I’m in the mood for, but I usually end up eating like my 9 year old son!”

HollywoodLifers, did you love Lais Ribeiro’s outfit at the Sports Illustrated party?