‘The View’ Hosts Slam Omarosa As A Hypocrite For Trump Diss: You ‘Drank The Kool-Aid’

‘The View’ went for Omarosa on Feb. 9! The hosts slammed her as a ‘liar’ for playing the victim on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ after airing gossip from inside the White House!

The women of the The View — Joy Behar, 75, Meghan McCain, 33, Sunny Hostin, 49, and guest host Nancy Grace, 58 — feel zero sympathy for Omarosa Manigault, 44, after her tearful breakdown on Celebrity Big Brother. Manigault was overcome with emotion when she explained how her former fellow White House staffers would allegedly verbally attack her at work. Manigault continued to bash the [Donald] Trump administration, which she was fired from in early 2018, and added that she’s worried for the future; Whether that meant her own future or the future of the country remains unclear. But, either way, The View hosts weren’t having her tears.

“The White House came one step closer to becoming a reality TV show last night,” Behar said when she introduced the topic. The broadcast then cut to a clip from a scene of Omarosa discussing the Trump administration on Celebrity Big Brother with fellow contestant, Ross Matthews, 38. McCain then chimed in, where she called out Omarosa for hopping the fence from defending Trump to slamming him on reality TV. “You don’t drink the cool-aid for a candidate in this way — Which, by the way, I drink cool-aids for candidates all the time,” she began. “When you fall in love with a candidate you don’t turn and switch this quickly,” Meghan continued, after a clip played of Omarosa defending Trump while on The View in January 2017. “So, she was lying when she came on the show, or she’s lying now on ‘Big Brother,’ I don’t know which it is.”

McCain then slammed Omarosa, as well as the Trump administration for hiring her in the first place. “I was thinking about what it would be like for a staffer in the White House watching this, and everyone on the Trump campaign was so sanctimonious  about, ‘There are no swamp creatures; Everyone who’s worked in D.C. politics, there are no swamp creatures around,'” she said. “Well, if you hired a swamp creature, you know what they don’t do when they’re fired? They don’t go on reality TV shows and spill all the gossip about what’s going on in the White House. So, give it up to the swamp creatures today, we don’t behave like that.”

The other View hosts gave their opinions about the “Hot Topic,” where Sunny Hostin kept it simple, saying, “I don’t know what she’s afraid of because I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.” She later added, “I don’t know what she did when she was at the White House. I guess she was the liaison for black people.”

Guest co-host, Nancy Grace then crunched the numbers, where she alluded that Omarosa was all about collecting a check on Big Brother. “Excuse, having been on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ — let me parlay that wisdom — you’re constantly mic’d up. So if she was ‘terrified’ then why is she talking about it on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on a microphone if you’re terrified. Nancy — It’s all about the money,” Grace said. “You get about 200 grand, I think, to get on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,'” to which Sonny chimed in to add that Omarosa allegedly pocketed $2 million to be on the show.

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