Kim Kardashian Slammed For Letting North West, 4, Take Her Latest Topless Pic: Is It Inappropriate?

Has Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie habit gone too far? After allowing her child, North West, to photograph her topless, fans dragged Kim over the ‘disturbing’ pic.

At this point, Kim Kardashian, 37, sharing a half-naked picture of herself is as common as a weekday ending in the letter “y.” Yet, some thought she went too far on Feb. 8, after she let her daughter, North West, 4, channel her inner Annie Leibovitz. North snapped the shot of Kim facing a mirror, her hands covering her breasts as an unclasped bra hung around her elbows. “[Photo] By North,” Kim captioned the pic, as her first born was seen in the background, Nori’s face obscured by the camera’s flash.

The dark hair Kim was rocking in the shot made it seem like this was a #ThrowbackThursday picture. Fans were less focused less on Kim’s locks and on the fact that she let her four-year-old daughter take this half-naked picture. “I understand the work you do for your money. But this right here his disturbing and disgusting,” Intagram user shannnyrenee said in the comments section. “Your a mother! Enjoy motherhood and having a baby girl to love and raise. Let her be innocent and let her chose her life. I know I’m nobody but this made me feel some type of way about you.”

“You’re beautiful and we know this but let’s keep it classy,” mizzjuju1 added. “And to think how desensitized so many people have become on this issues . Yes her body is slamming and I was soo proud of her because she kept it classy for a minute but it’s just gone to far… ” User pariya2094 pointed out that Kim’s kids “can take photos of u in your dress room, but you don’t have to share that pics,” These comments were echoed by many. Some didn’t mind that Kim let North see her naked, but sharing this picture came off “inappropriate” for many.

Yet, Kim had her defenders. “I love this picture!!!” user nikkiredd77 said. “It looks like Kim is getting ready and little North is playing with her phone and just took an awesome picture. what is wrong with that! Why does everybody have to be so negative? Or why do you guys have to be haters! She’s living her awesome life, you live yours!!!” At this point, Kim has heard enough from her haters that she’s sending them gifts in the mail. If the criticism hasn’t stopped her from popping off a few half-naked pics by now, it never will.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Kim’s picture? Is it “disturbing” or NBD?