Kim Kardashian’s Crazy Diet For Perfect Skin — No Sugar, Yeast, Dairy, Caffeine Or Alcohol

Kim's skin is nearly perfect and she says that 'a holistic approach to skincare is essential.' See the foods she is willing to give up to get a flawless face!

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Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian‘s body is looking better than ever. She’s been strength training with Melissa Alcantara, and eating super clean. Kim wrote on her app that her diet plays a huge factor in her skincare routine as well. “A holistic approach to skincare is essential,” Kim says. “What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin. Below, Dr. Lancer shares his secrets for a flawless glow.” Dr. Lancer is a celebrity derm that Kim has been seeing for many years. He also has his own skincare line.

Dr. Lancer wrote, “I always tell my clients that aside from topical treatments, adjustments in your lifestyle can make a huge difference in your skincare routine. The skin requires protein, fat and oxygen to maintain cell function, build collagen and repair itself. When your diet is lacking, it will manifest in a dull or ruddy complexion that’s easily irritated and breaks out. Follow my recommended diet below to achieve radiant skin.”

He recommends cutting sugar, dairy, yeast, alcohol, and caffeine. AKA all pleasures in life. “Caffeine triggers your stress hormone, cortisol, to go into overdrive, causing you to feel as if you’re in a stressed-out state,” Dr. Lancer says. This stress appears on your skin, causing a dull complexion, accelerating the aging process, and creating fine lines and wrinkles from lack of hydration. Alcohol is also dehydrating. Overindulgence can cause acne flare-ups, facial flushing and red, spidery veins on the skin.” He also says you should bake foods instead of frying them, and use spices instead of salt for flavor. He encourages people to eat locally and organically to avoid “hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.”

The easiest and CHEAPEST thing on this list is to drink more water. “One of the easiest ways to achieve flawless skin is to increase your water intake. This will help flush out toxins and leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. I can tell by looking at patients if they’re properly hydrated. Dry, brittle skin, dark circles and fatigue that shows in the eyes are all visible signs of dehydration. Being well-hydrated stabilizes the skin barrier, which moisturizes your skin and provides the proper medium for cell turnover and collagen production.” Read all of Dr. Lancer’s tips on Kim’s app.

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