Ronnie Holston: 5 Things To Know About The Man Max Greenfield Is Playing In ‘Versace’

'New Girl's Max Greenfield is playing Ronnie in 'American Crime Story.' Get to know the man who befriended Andrew Cunanan in the months before he killed Gianni Versace.

1. Ronnie Holston met Andrew Cunanan in Miami. Andrew fled to Miami after killing four people. He spent nearly three months hiding out before killing Gianni Versace on July 15, 1997. Andrew lived in the Normandy Plaza and met Ronnie there. Ronnie was sharing a room at the time. “Andrew was a hustler. I knew from the moment I saw him,” Ronnie said about Andrew, according to Maureen Orth’s novel Vulgar Favors. “He was on the take. I set him up. He was very, very generous.”

2. Ronnie set Andrew up with older men to get money. Andrew needed money while in Miami, and Ronnie helped facilitate that. Ronnie also claims that Andrew regularly bought crack cocaine during his time in Miami. Andrew never talked about his past. He told Ronnie his name was Andy. Ronnie was confused about Andrew’s red pickup truck with the South Carolina license plate. Ronnie is from North Carolina and asked Andrew about South Carolina. “He just wouldn’t say anything,” Ronnie told CNN. Andrew had stolen the red pickup truck from his fourth victim, William Reese, and switched license plates on the way to Miami.

3. Andrew got Ronnie tied up in his web of lies. When Andrew pawned a gold coin for cash just days before he killed Gianni, he wrote that his room number was 205, according to CNN. That was actually Ronnie’s room. When the police went to the room, they found Ronnie but no Andrew.

4. Ronnie will appear in multiple episodes of the FX series. Those last few months of Andrew’s life leading up to Gianni’s murder are crucial, so Ronnie will be a major player in the show. According to IMDb, Max will be featured in 9 episodes as Ronnie.

5. Max Greenfield’s daughter hated his American Crime Story look. Max is normally clean-shaven for his role as Schmidt on New Girl, but he had to have a scruffier look for American Crime Story. When Max had to grow a mustache to film his scenes as Ronnie, Max told Ellen DeGeneres that his daughter was “just furious” about it.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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