Hoda Kotb’s ‘Today’ Salary: Why She’s Not Pissed About Making $18m Less Than Matt Lauer

Hoda Kotb’s salary for hosting the ‘Today’ show is reportedly much less than what Matt Lauer was making for the same gig. Here’s why she isn’t upset by the huge difference.

Hoda Kotb, 53, has officially replaced Matt Lauer, 60, on the Today show — but for a salary that doesn’t even come close to her predecessor‘s. The new host will reportedly make a modest $7 million, according to Page Six. Before he was fired by NBC News, Matt was raking in a whopping $20-$25 million annually. So basically, she could be making $18 million less than the man who held the job before her — but she’s not too upset about it. “Hoda isn’t complaining about the money. She has landed the big job she always dreamed of, and most definitely deserves. Plus, Matt’s salary reflected the long time he was on the show — 25 years. If things go well, Hoda could ask for more next time if she re-ups her contract. But the figures underline the huge wage disparity at NBC News,” an insider close to the show told the media outlet.

If it’s any consolation, the talk show host will be making the same amount as her co-star Savannah Guthrie, 46. “I think the whole money thing for me, I’ve always been sort of — I know it sounds ridiculous that I’m going to say this, but I really have done jobs I liked for the job I liked because I never wanted to be happy every other Friday on pay day,” Hoda told People. “Like, I didn’t want that to be the happy day. I wanted to feel good throughout. So no, I’m not making Matt Lauer money. Not even close.”

We’re glad Hoda is excited about her new position, even if it doesn’t pay anywhere near the same amount. But as Variety pointed out, not many TV anchors start off with massive salaries, and Matt’s more than two decades with NBC is definitely a key factor in how much money he was making. But at the same time, Hoda will also continue to host the 10 a.m. hour of the show with Kathie Lee Gifford, 64, so hopefully she’ll get closer to Matt’s salary considering she’s doing twice the work.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Hoda making $18 million less than Matt?