‘Catfish’ Season 7: Nev Enlists Wife Laura To Sniff Out The Fakes In This Exclusive Preview

How do you tackle a new batch of ‘Catfish’? By bringing in new bait! In season seven of MTV’s hit docu-series, Nev Schulman recruits his own wife, Laura, to help with the investigations.

It’s an exciting time for MTV’s Catfish! Not only does season seven premiere on January 3 at 10pm ET, but the show’s 100th episode will air on January 17! Plus, creator and co-host, Nev Schulman, has invited some new faces to join his and Max Joseph‘s team — his adorable growing family. In this EXCLUSIVE preview provided to HollywoodLife by MTV, Nev shares with fans that his wife, Laura, will now be sharing her insight on some of their craziest catfish cases yet. We watch as Nev, now a married man and father to the gorgeous baby Cleo, manages to balance his life as a Catfish catcher and family man. With Max by his side and Laura just a Skype call away, no one tricking people on the internet is safe!

“Even though my family’s in LA, I can’t give up traveling the country to help people meet their online loves,” Nev tells us in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new season. “And I’m taking advantage of Laura’s perspective on some of our cases.” We watch as Nev and Laura chat over Skype, with an excited Laura exclaiming, “I just cracked the case!” Nev goes on to promise that this season of Catfish is going to blow our minds. Nev also promises “double the secrets, double the surprises, and double the reveals.” Holy. Catfish. Batman. Watch the preview for yourself below:

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Nev bringing his wife and daughter into the world of Catfish? Are YOU excited to see what Nev, Max and Laura discover in season seven? Comment below, let us know!