Young Mom Gives Birth During Wild Police Chase As The Dad Tries To Get Her To Hospital

This is INSANE! Not many couples can say their baby was born during a high-speed car chase, but that’s exactly what happened to this duo as they frantically sped to the hospital!

Talk about starting the new year off with a bang! Carl Alewine and Tiffani Von Glahn were racing to the hospital early in the morning on Jan. 1 as Tiffani experienced surprise contractions. Trying to make it to the hospital in time, Carl ended up speeding along the way. As a result, the couple found themselves caught up in a high-speed police chase on the highway, and their baby daughter, Anastasia, was born in the midst of it all! Click here to see some of the cutest celeb babies in Hollywood.

Frantic that Tiffani would give birth any second, Carl was driving between 90-95 mph on the interstate in South Carolina when police ordered him to pull him over. The new dad however, refused to comply with the police’s demand at his wife’s request. “He was going about 90-95 and a police officer came up behind us to pull us over,” Tiffani explained to WISH TV. “And he was like, ‘Do you want me to stop?’ And I was like, ‘No don’t you stop’, because I felt her coming.” Yikes!

Before they knew it, Tiffani and Carl’s car was being trailed by multiple officers. “I look back and there’s like 20 police cars, and they had the exits blocked off and everything,” Tiffani told WCBD. “Eventually it got to where they had to box us in to stop us.” After police managed to stop the vehicle, Carl was handcuffed “for safety reasons, because they were saying there are people out there that will fake having a pregnant wife,” Tiffani said. But despite the chaos, the pregnant mom continued going into labor — right there on the interstate! Once the officers became aware of the situation, they promptly aided her with the birth.

Believe it or not, little Anastasia ended up being born on the hood of her parents’ car. “It happened so fast and the guy that delivered her was just there,” Carl said of the unnamed officer who performed the midwife duties. “When you’re going to the hospital to have a kid, you imagine high speed, cops around you, but yeah that happened.” The infant was born three weeks early and was considered “high risk,” which is why Carl and Tiffani were in such a rush to get to the hospital.

“I was told she was a high risk pregnancy and the way she was sitting at the time, she would’ve gotten stuck and I would’ve had to have a C-section,” the new mom shared. “So I was thinking there was no way I could have her naturally.” Thankfully, the delivery was smooth and both mom and baby are healthy. “I’m sitting there, watching her born on the hood of the car, fireworks going off in the background because it’s New Year’s, and then they let me out of handcuffs, and the cops started clapping and congratulating us,” Carl said. Now THAT’S an epic birth story!

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