Is Tristan Thompson’s Ex Jordan Craig Upset About Khloe’s Pregnancy? The Truth

How exactly is Tristan Thompson's ex Jordan Craig feeling about Khloe Kardashian getting pregnant? Is she upset? Here's what we're hearing!

Ever since Khloe Kardashian, 33, finally revealed that she and Tristan Thompson, 26, are expecting their first child together fans have been going absolutely nuts! Another thing has also started happening — Tristan’s ex Jordan Craig has become the center of endless stories claiming the pro baller abandoned her and his child to be with Khloe! Well, thanks to our insiders, we’re now hearing how Jordan (she goes by Jordy C professionally) is reacting to the supposed controversy! “Jordan hates that she’s being painted as this poor victimized woman by people on social media—as she’s far from it,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Jordan and Tristan had split already when he met Khloe, so he didn’t desert her at all, and they’re actually pretty good friends still, all things considered.” What a relief!

The insider went on to add that, not only are Tristan and Jordan doing good, she’s spoken with Khloe and they are getting alone just fine as well! “Jordan has a successful business, and she loves being a mom, she’s certainly not sitting at home pining over Tristan. Jordan has total closure when it comes to their relationship, obviously she wants Tristan to be in their son’s life and to be an active parent, but she has no desire to get back with him again. Jordan hasn’t met Khloe in person, but she has spoken to her on the phone, and she has no beef with her at all. The only thing that bugs Jordan is the fact that who Khloe is means she gets dragged into the spotlight unwittingly.”

Jordan is clearly handling this better than Khloe’s ex Lamar Odom, 38! According our sources, the former athlete took her pregnancy announcement pretty hard. “Lamar is happy for Khloe but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t hurt, it’s heartbreaking for him that she’s having a baby with someone else,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “He‘s not over Khloe, their divorce is still a painful subject for him and one of his biggest regrets is that he wasn’t able to get her pregnant. And now that she’s having someone else’s baby it’s a big reminder of how he failed.” So sad!

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