Simone Biles Is Back In The Gym & Revealing Why She’s Not Fazed By Online Critics

Simone Biles is back in the gym after taking time off following the 2016 Olympics! Since she won big at the games, Simone’s fame also came with critics. Now, she’s talking bullies, body image, her book and more!

Going for the gold! — Simone Biles, 20, is back in action after taking some well deserved time off after the 2016 Rio Olympics; You know, where she went home with five medals in total [gold and silver included], and led the American gymnasts to victory in the team all-around competition. Not that we know exactly what it takes to conquer the feats that Biles did, but she summed it up in one sentence — “I’ve dedicated 14 years of my life specifically to gymnastics.” Imagine your entire life being about one thing for 14 whole years.

So, you can find it hard to believe that some internet critics gave her flack for actually taking time off to vacation with her family and friends upon returning to the U.S. from Rio. Yes, that actually happened. While other teens were out attending high school football games and having sleepovers with friends, Biles was in the gym — day in and day out. But, she’s not letting the hecklers get her down for a few reasons; 1. She tells that she’s officially back in the gym and working on getting back into her full gymnastics mentality; And, 2. As a mature young woman, Biles understands that it’s hard for people to separate the notion that she actually does have a life outside the gym; she just doesn’t document her every move; Nor, does she need too. 

“For people to see us not only out of uniform, but doing what we’re doing, but to see us out of competition and in real life, like we want to live and have some fun,” she told us while hanging out with Hershey‘s, promoting their new Gold Bar. “Personally, I’ve dedicated 14 years of my life specifically to gymnastics, so I think it’s hard when people see us doing other things,” Biles continued. “I think it weirds people. But, I had a lot of fun on vacation with my family and spending time with my friends. I had an amazing time and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And, other people, they just like to comment about anything.” And, despite her rise to fame, Biles remains grateful and grounded. “It’s just weird to think how much I’ve done in so little time,” she reflected on her gymnastics journey. “I’m very grateful for the opportunities that have come by way and to be able to represent the U.S. in the way that I’ve got to.” 

Later on, Biles gushed about her love for Hershey’s new Gold Bar, which is packed with caramel and crushed peanuts and pretzels. How do we know? — Well, we tried it… and still can’t stop eating the caramel-y goodness. “It’s such a special campaign,” Biles said, adding that the new bar embraces the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. “It’s not necessarily chocolate, but they’ve added a twist, so it’s salty and sweet.”

Check out more highlights from our interview with Simone Biles:  

On if she’ll write another book? — “I think so. So, far in the [first] book [titled, “Courage To Soar”], I’ve opened up about everything that’s happened in my life so far. Since I’m so young, hopefully in a couple years there will be another one.”

On discussing body image and bullying in her book: “It’s important for kids to know that whenever they read [the book] that we [as athletes] go through the same things they go through; So, it’s important that it’s something they can relate to. A lot of people think we’re not human, but this book is really relatable.”

On if she will reunite with The Final 5 when training: “We all train separately because we all live in different areas. But, we come together once per month and we used to go to camps. But, I don’t know if anyone else is training yet, so I don’t know if that will be happening.”

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