CA Man Is National Hero After Saving Rabbit From Santa Barbara Fire: See Tweets

A wonderful man has become everyone’s hero after risking his own life to save a bunny from the wildfires in Ventura, CA. Watch the emotional footage of the rescue here.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t crying right now. In this video, captured by drivers on a highway in Ventura County, California, shows a man who bravely got out of his car on the side of the road, and ran into the flames to save a defenseless animal. The man is seen frantically trying to dodge flames, jumping up and down from the brutal heat, leaving the onlookers confused. After dipping into the fire again, he runs back toward his car — holding a tiny, terrified baby bunny! The man is clearly emotional and scared as he tries to comfort the wild animal whose life he just saved.

He’s rightfully being hailed as a hero for the selfless act. At the beginning of the clip (below), it’s hard to see — since you’re likely focusing on the man in the fire — but the bunny was on the roadside. It’s so scared that it darts toward the fire when it sees him. That poor, poor thing. The man is truly distraught that the little rabbit could be killed, jumping up and down and holding his head between his hands at the thought that he couldn’t save it. Luckily, the tiny guy comes out of the fire toward him again, and is hopefully living the good life with the man back at home. We wish we knew more about this hero, but he remains anonymous after refusing to give a roadside interview.

After seeing the incredible video on Twitter, people are truly in shock and in awe about this guy risking his own life to save an animal’s during one of the worst wildfires in Southern California history. Ventura County has been up in flames for the past week, and residents were forced to evacuate. This man likely stopped to save the bunny after fleeing from his own home. Twitter spoke out in response to the video, praising the now-national hero for the deed. He deserves it! See below:

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