Matt Lauer Bracing Himself For Wife Annette To File For Divorce During Holidays

Matt Lauer is fearing the worst following his firing from NBC. A source close to him EXCLUSIVELY told he’s afraid that his wife Annette will divorce him in the next few weeks.

Following his wife Annette Roque, 52, stepping out without her wedding ring on, Matt Lauer, 59, is apparently bracing himself for a divorce following his firing from NBC after his alleged sexual misconduct. A source close to him EXLCUSIVELY admitted to us that while the former Today show co-anchor anticipates her filing divorce papers, he hopes they come after the holidays. “Matt is very much aware the trouble he is in with his wife and anticipates separation and divorce, but he is hoping that the wheels for all that to start don’t begin in the next few weeks,” our source said. “He is hoping that things can calm down for the holidays and that 2018 leads to a recovery in both his life and marriage. It’s still so fresh in everyone’s mind that Matt is hoping no one makes any rash moves suddenly, including himself and instead actually thinks through it all to make sure everything has been thought out properly and rationally.”

Apparently, Matt is looking to learn from his past mistakes. “It’s clearly a mess, but he is looking forward to starting the process of being an adult in the way he treats everything that is important in his life,” our source added. “He is aware that it might be to late, but is looking to make things better before they get any worse. Moving forward, whatever is bound to come up with his marriage, he is hoping it goes much more maturely than what he has currently made things to be…”

With reports that Annette will leave Matt for good once the dust settles, it looks more likely that the couple’s prospective divorce is not a matter of when, not if. Click here to see pics of the best replacements for Matt’s co-anchor position on the Today show.

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