Kate McKinnon Confesses She Eats Food Out Of The Garbage Like A Goat & She’s Still Precious — WATCH

Cutie! Kate McKinnon hit up 'The Tonight Show' on Dec. 5 and confessed that she eats food out of the garbage just like goats do.

Kate McKinnon has been killing it as usual all season on SNL, but she’s about to hit the big screen. She stopped by The Tonight Show on Dec. 5 to promote her new animated movie Ferdinand, where she voices the character of Lupe the calming goat in the beloved children’s story about a bull who loves flowers and refuses to fight. The funny lady revealed she was perfect for the part cause she has so much in common with the farm animal. “I feel like I relate to goats. They’re scruffy, they scream like men and they eat garbage.”

Host Jimmy Fallon, 43, quipped back, “yeah, but you don’t eat garbage,” and Kate kind of gave him the side-eye that yes, she may have. “I do sometimes. I have eaten garbage.” She quickly corrected herself to say she doesn’t actually eat trash but has eaten FROM the garbage. “My thing is, unless the food has touched other garbage it isn’t garbage. It’s just in there.” She got a HUGE round of applause from the audience, saying “they know, they know! They’re not wasteful either” as other people seem to have the same habit.

Kate then went on to relay a story about how she was in her SNL office recently and ate half a scone then decided she didn’t want the rest of it. She put it back in the bag and put it in her trash can. Then her office-mate Aidy Bryant, 30, came in and Kate decided “Eh, I would like the rest” and that, “from her perspective out of nowhere she saw me reach into the can and start eating.” Kate continued, “She was like ‘Kate, you’re eating garbage’ and I was like ‘it’s not garbage until it goes outside. it’s just food in a plastic bin waiting to be eaten.'” Jimmy was pretty grossed out by the idea, but hey, the audience seemed to get her. It’s kind of like the three-second rule when food falls on the floor.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Kate’s appearance on The Tonight Show? Have you ever eaten food once it ends up in a trash bin?

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