Ashton Kutcher Leaning On Mila Kunis During Horrible Danny Masterson Firing — ‘They Both Love’ Him

Ashton Kutcher is turning to Mila Kunis for comfort after co-star Danny Masterson was fired from the Netflix series amid rape allegations. Get EXCLUSIVE details here.

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Ashton Kutcher, 39, is not feeling great about co-star Danny Masterson‘s firing from Netflix’s The Ranch due to multiple rape allegations, and he’s been leaning on his wife Mila Kunis, 34, to feel better. “Ashton has been leaning on his wife Mila during this crisis with their friend Danny,” a source close to Ashton EXCLUSIVELY told “Ashton has been talking at length with Mila about the terrible allegations against Danny, whom they both love. They are struggling with the allegations against him. Mila is disappointed by Danny’s firing but understands what a tough position Ashton was put in.” Danny released a statement after the firing that expressed his sadness about the decision and he denied the allegations. “Mila and Ashton have known Danny for a very long time and know him to be a sweet, kind, gentle soul. Danny has slammed the allegations so Ashton and Mila are both hoping for this sad story to turn around with a happy ending.” See photos of Danny here.

Back in Mar. it was reported that three Scientologists came forward to accuse Danny,who also practices Scientology, of raping them when he was on That ’70s Show with both Ashton and Mila. The women claimed that the Church of Scientology told them not to contact police at the time or go public with the terrible accusations. Just 24 hours before news of his firing from Netflix made headlines, it was reported that the women asked the company’s executive why they didn’t take any action toward Danny up to the point, and he allegedly said it was because he didn’t believe them.

Netflix has written Danny out of the show and production will resume in early 2018 without him. Despite the firing, no official charges have been made against Danny at this time.

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