Anna Faris: Was She Surprised By Chris Pratt Filing For Divorce? The Truth About What Happened

Chris Pratt filed for divorce from Anna Faris on Dec. 1 after they were separated for a few months. Is Anna shocked by Chris’ actions? Find out the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Chris Pratt, 38, took the formal step of filing for divorce from wife Anna Faris, 41, on Dec. 1 and now we’re learning how Anna feels about the situation and what really happened between the once happy couple.“Anna knew that Chris would be filing for divorce and her attorneys had all her response filing documents ready to go as soon as he did,” a source close to Anna EXCLUSIVELY told “They wanted to agree on the terms of the divorce before filing, and their attorneys have been working for the past few months to agree on a mutually satisfying property settlement. Luckily, they had a prenup in place which makes things a hell of a lot easier, and they both agreed joint custody of their son would be in his best interest, so there was no danger of some nasty drawn-out custody battle to get through.” See photos of Anna and Chris during their marriage here.

Despite the sad split, it seems Anna and Chris are truly putting aside any harsh feelings and taking this next step with mutual kindness and understanding. “It’s kind of a cliche these days for celebrities to claim that their divorce is ‘amicable’, but in Chris and Anna’s case it’s really true,” the source continued. “They really want to remain friends, and although they’re not in each other’s pockets 24/7, they do speak fairly regularly, mainly about Jack, and they both genuinely want the other to be happy—it’s all very grown-up!” Jack, of course, is Anna and Chris’ adorable 5-year-old son and it’s nice to know the two will share custody.

Anna and Chris announced their split in Aug. after being together for eight years. Irreconcilable differences was the reason stated for the divorce in the filing.

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