Melania Trump Vs. Michelle Obama: How Their Styles Compare At Key Moments

Melania Trump’s expensive style choices have left some missing Michelle Obama’s sensible fashion sense. From Melania’s ‘flood pumps’ to Michelle’s love of J. Crew, check out how these First Ladies’ closets compare.

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Even though she’s only been in the White House for less than a year, First Lady Melania Trump, 47, has certainly turned heads with her fashion sense. Oh, this isn’t to say the gorgeous wife of President Donald Trump, 71, hasn’t been impeccably dressed. The problem is…she has been caught wearing some insanely expensive outfits at some inappropriate moments, which is a stark contrast to her predecessor, former First Lady Michelle Obama, 55. During her time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Michelle became known for more accessible, ready-to-wear clothing, such as when she wore a J. Crew mint-green pencil skirt and beaded cardigan while on a state visit to England in 2009, according to the San Diego Tribune. She did switch to a two-tone Toledo dress when she posed for pictures with Queen Elizabeth II, but this wasn’t the first time Michelle became synonymous with J. Crew.

“I want to ask you about your wardrobe,” Jay Leno asked Michelle during a 2008 visit to The Tonight Show. “I’m guessing about 60 grand? Sixty, seventy thousand for that outfit?” Her reply was surprising. “J. Crew,” she said, per The New York Times. “Ladies, we know J. Crew. You can get some good stuff online!” The strategy decision to support an affordable (as far as First Lady outfits go) painted herself as “down to earth,” and she would wear J. Crew numerous times during time in the White House.

Melania’s fashion style during her short time as First Lady, on the other hand, has been defined by two words: “disaster heels.” As she and Donald headed to hurricane-ravaged Texas in August 2017, she sported a pair of 5-inch stiletto heels. The odd choice in footwear left some voters scratching their heads, especially since she changed into sneakers while on the plane. Since then, her “flood pumps” or “disaster heels” have come out a couple other times, with some conservatives praising her expensive shoe choice as a way to troll her critics.

When it came to Michelle’s closet, she kept it under budget. The Tracy Reese dress she wore at the 2012 Democratic National Convention was listed at under $400 dollars, per Huffington Post. On the other end of the political style rack, Melania has been frequently seen in outfits costing thousands of dollars: a $1,795 summer floral dress; a $2,229 outfit for a trip to Poland; a $2160 gown to meet the Prime Minister of India; and a $1,362 red paid shirt while planting veggies in the White House garden. However, Melania has taken a page out of Michelle’s book, as she busted out a $75 J. Crew button down shirt when visiting the U.S. Coast Guard in Florida on Nov. 23, a shirt Michelle wore before, according to Business Insider. Whether or not Melania copies Michelle again remains to be seen. After all, she’ll be the First Lady for another three years.

Check out Michelle and Melania’s different styles above, HollywoodLifers. Who do you prefer?

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