Kim Kardashian ‘Hurt’ By Awkward Exchange With Beyonce — She Wants ‘To Be Friends’

Kim Kardashian would "love to be friends" with Beyonce (who wouldn't?!) but it seems the feeling is one-sided. has the EXCLUSIVE details on how Kim really feels about her tense relationship with the singer.

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If we made a list of celebrities we wanted to be friends with, Beyoncé would probably take the top spot. But we obviously can’t all be close with the 36-year-old goddess — not even high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian, 37, can get into her inner circle. In fact, even though their husbands JAY-Z, 47, and Kanye West, 40, have a feud going on between them, Kim apparently still feels pretty upset that the singer won’t give her the time of day.

“Kim would love to be friends with Beyoncé, she’s never had a problem with her, in fact she’s always looked up to her and thinks she is amazing,” a source close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star EXCLUSIVELY told “Kim’s really hurt by the way Beyoncé has treated her, even before Kanye and Jay fell out Beyoncé was always cold towards her, and Kim can’t work out why. She went out of her way to be nice to Beyoncé and she really wanted to be friends, but it was clear that Beyoncé didn’t feel the same way.” Ouch?!

It’s not just Kim’s lack of relationship with Bey that upsets her though — it’s also the missed opportunity of bringing together their young daughters North West, 4, and Blue Ivy, 5. “North and Blue Ivy are similar ages and Kim always hoped that they could be playmates, but Beyoncé had no intention of that happening, and has always held both Kim and her daughter at arms length,” the source continued. TBH, a friendship between the two girls would be super cute, but we’re not going to question Bey’s judgement on who her child should hang out with.

One of the “cold” exchanges between Beyoncé and the reality TV star was at their mutual friend Serena Williams‘ wedding on Nov. 16. It was the first time these two came face-to-face since Kanye called out the Lemonade star and her husband during a concert in Nov. 2016. Even if Beyoncé didn’t vibe with Kim before, she most certainly hasn’t since Kim’s husband dissed her and upset her husband. Sorry Kim, but friendship might be permanently off the table.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Beyoncé and Kim should bury the hatchet and be friends?

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