Diana Ross’ Fanny Pack: The Story Behind The Odd Viral Moment From The AMAs

Diana Ross accepted more than a Lifetime Achievement award at the AMAs. She got a fanny pack from her granddaughter! Watch the strange exchange, and learn why it happened, here!

Diana Ross & Family AMAs
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Her name is Ross, but she shops at Marshall’s! Music icon Diana Ross, 73, lost her fanny pack while doing a little shopping at the store in Los Angeles, and it was awful. But “an angel” came through and turned it in to the lost and found, Diana tweeted! People were baffled by the weird tweet, which she joked about at the 2017 American Music Awards on November 2017. While up onstage with her entire family as she accepted her Lifetime Achievement award, one of her grandchildren passed her the fanny pack. Truly iconic. Watch it happen below!

Daughter Tracee Ellis Ross, 45, who hosted the AMAs and was onstage for her mom’s big moment, actually explained the story behind the fanny pack tweet last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “Can we just break it down?!” Tracee said when Jimmy asked her about her mom’s tweet. “First of all I’m going to first prep you all. Think of this as my mom and the grandmother of my siblings’ children. And the grandma, my mom lost her fanny pack!”

Apparently, Diana swapped designer purses for fanny packs years ago. She’s totally into them! “She’s the cutest. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s been wearing fanny packs for like years. She has a favorite one until that one wears out and then she gets another,” Tracee said. “And I know fanny packs are ‘in’ now! ”

“The point of this tweet, which is the sweetest thing because she called me and she was in tears, is someone found it and returned it,” Tracee said. “I wish she had been in JC Penney where my [new clothing] line [is sold]. That would have been some good advertising!” Tracee addressed something that’s on all our minds right now: why was she at Marshall’s in the first place, and how did someone escorted by bodyguards and an entourage manage to lose their bag? She has no idea.

HollywoodLifers, are you surprised that Diana Ross carries a fanny pack and shops at Marshall’s? Let us know!

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