‘Justice League’: The Amazons Are Wearing Bikinis In New Movie & People Are Pissed

Well, this is disappointing. The functional armor of the Amazonian women in 'Wonder Woman' has been traded out for something skimpier in the new 'Justice League' movie. Fans are super annoyed about it -- see their reactions.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Atlas Entertainment

Anyone who saw Wonder Woman knows that the best part of the entire film was debatably the first fifteen or so minutes when Diana Prince trained to be a warrior on a private island surrounded by Amazons. Not only was it rare to see so many strong women on a screen together, but the representation of the female fighters was beyond empowering. This incredible moment was brought to us by director Patty Jenkins and their armor was costumed by designer Lindy Hemming. But the Amazons are back for Justice League and uh, we’re actually pretty disappointed so far with the new interpretation. Thanks to the design of Michael Wilkinson and direction of Zack Snyder, it looks like the functional armor from the 2017 film was traded out for something that would better belong on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, instead of Diana’s hidden island of Themyscira. See pictures of the Justice League trailer here.

In the new images, you can see that Lindy’s smart designs have essentially been trashed. The new looks feature more skin than armor, which honestly makes zero sense if they’re supposed to be fighting in battle. Basically, they’re wearing leather bikinis, and people are understandably NOT here for it. Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage, and also point out that this is actually exactly what we should expect when we don’t give women jobs behind-the-scenes. Check out some of the responses to the teeny costumes below.

One person wrote how she’s actually thankful for the poor design choices because it highlights a serious problem. “I’m glad we have those new amazon outfits for #JusticeLeague because now there’s visual evidence of what happens when you don’t have diversity behind the scenes, in the process of creating a story,” she wrote. Amen. We’re going to go rewatch the Wonder Woman trailer now to remind us what good representation really looks like.

HollywoodLifers, are you pissed about the new Amazon costumes? Let us know what you think about them below!

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