Ross Mechanic: 5 Things To Know About Tiffany Trump’s Boyfriend Of 2 Years

As Tiffany Trump moves into the spotlight, people are wondering about the handsome guy on her arm. Who is Ross Mechanic? Learn more about Tiff's boyfriend here!

Tiffany Trump & Ross Mechanic
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1. He and Tiffany have been in a relationship for two years

Tiffany Trump, 24, and Ross Mechanic, 23, started dating in 2015. At least, that’s what Instagram tells us after they started posting dozens of photos of themselves at parties and events — and Instagram is never wrong. The two were friends who met at the University of Pennsylvania; Tiffany graduated in spring 2016, Ross graduated in 2017. Ross studied computer science, a huge career departure from his real estate lawyer father and Tiffany’s father, real estate mogul-turned president, Donald Trump, 71.

2. His entire family are registered democrats

Ross is dating the daughter of a republican president, but he’s democrat all the way through. In fact, his father, real estate lawyer, Jon Mechanic, was a major donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Uh oh. Guess Tiffany let it slide! As registered democrats, Ross and his entire family were unable to vote for Donald Trump in the New York primaries — even if they wanted to.

3. He interned for Jared Kushner

It helps to have connections! After graduating in April, Ross spent the summer interning at Cadre, a real estate investment startup founded by Jared Kushner and his brother, Joshua Kushner. You know, Tiffany’s brother-in-law and Karlie Kloss‘ boyfriend. Before getting the hookup from the Kushner brothers, Ross interned Idibon, a San Francisco-based tech startup. He’s going places!

4. Ross and Tiffany’s fathers know each other

They have a connection besides their children’s love connection! Jon Mechanic is the chairman of Fried Frank’s real estate department, and a real estate lawyer. He’s done business with the Trump Organization, and several years ago Trump gave him a signed copy of his book, The Art of The Deal. He said Ross’ father was the “best real estate lawyer in the world.”

5. He lives in a $2 million NYC apartment

Must be nice! We’re sure Tiffany celebrates often on breaks from Harvard Law School!

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