La La Anthony’s Fitness Routine, Go-To Meals & The New Therapy That Keeps Her ‘Energized’

We already know, La La Anthony looks incredible! What's her secret you ask? — La La took inside her workouts, food plan and her newest health treatment that's her current 'obsession!'

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La La Anthony, 38, has been winning in all aspects of life — She’s happy, healthy, working hard and selling out of her clothing line [The La La Anthony Collection] like crazy! I feel good, I feel happy,” she told at the Society Cafe in New York City, where she teamed up with the NFL for a Friendsgiving event [more info below], Nov. 8. “My son is happy, I’m happy and I’m working a lot, and work is going great,” she said adding, “All of the pieces in my life are coming together.” A crucial part of her happiness is due to the fact that she is mentally and physically healthy, which stems from taking care of herself. Check out part one of this interview with La La, here!

When we first caught up with La La, back in August, she was up in NYC-based training facility, The Dogpound, focusing on boxing. So, we wanted to check up on how she’s been doing with her workouts, and she filled us in on her progress, as well as new things she’s been doing in terms of her diet and fitness routine. “I’m still in The DogPound, boxing, but I do flywheel sometimes too,” La La said, adding, “I believe consistency is the key with everything that you do. So, the more you do it, the better you get and the stronger you get.” She revealed that The DogPound is “essential for my life” because of the sense of family the fitness facility creates. “It motivates you to work out, because I don’t know a ton of people who are running to get to the gym.. None of my friends, they hate it.”

What’s new in her fitness journey? — “I also started cryotherapy, which I love and became obsessed with,” she gushed with pure excitement. Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperatures for health benefits. It was popular decades ago to help decrease pain and muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cell aging and improve health. Now, it’s beginning to pick up speed, as tons of celebs are using the cold treatment. “It’s freezing cold. You get in there for three minutes and you literally freeze your a– off,” she admitted. “But, the benefits are great; you feel energized afterwards; it helps with blood circulation. And, for women, it helps skin imperfections. I love it; it just makes me feel so good, especially after a really hard workout.” 

And, she’s started a meal plan! — “To me, it’s also about your eating. You can do all of this working out, but then eat crazy and then it goes to hell anyway,” La La confessed. So, she’s shifted more of her focus on eating better. “I’ve put myself on a meal plan to focus on that. I have the meals delivered to me, so it takes out the prep work. They deliver the meals and you eat the portions that are given and you don’t give yourself too many choices. It’s been helping me not to fall off.”

As for her favorite foods at the moment? — “I would say I’m really into turkey chili and turkey meatballs right now, but not very seasoned; that’s been a healthier option for me. I just discovered cauliflower rice, which I really like; I mix it with grilled chicken and I think that’s another healthy option.”

We exclusively caught up with the POWER actress in her native New York City, where she hosted a lovely dinner with the NFL. She looked stunning, decked out in all NFL apparel — Giants gear, of course. Since she’s all about family and she loves sports, La La thought teaming up with the league was the perfect idea. And, with the holidays just weeks away, La La and the NFL provided fun ideas on how to entertain friends and family, while gifting them with some sweet football swag!

Speaking of the holidays, we asked La La for some advice on how not to pack on the pounds during the food-filled season. “Life is a balance,” she said, adding that although it’s a time to be with family and friends, you have to be mindful to consume in moderation. “You can have a cookie, but don’t have 10; you can have a piece of cake, it’s OK. I don’t think you should deprive yourself. So now, leading up to the holidays, maybe put in a little more work in the gym so you can indulge a little bit more!” La La admitted that when the holidays come around, she gets a bit extreme. “I’ve moved my treadmill to the living room, so I literally have to see it every day; there’s no escaping it. By me seeing it, it forces me to get on it and do what I have to do. It looks ridiculous, but that’s my motivation!” You go, girl!

La La Anthony NFL Friendsgiving

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