‘L&HH: NY’ Recap — Safaree Samuels Sets Sights On DreamDoll After His Mom Warns About ‘Thots’

Friends or foes? The drama pops off during the Nov. 6 episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York.' Relationships are put to the test while new romances start to blossom, especially between DreamDoll and Safaree Samuels!

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Papoose was spitting that F-I-Y-A-H on the highly anticipated Nov. 6 episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, titled “Rubbed the Wrong Way.” The rapper talked about collaborating with Jaquae and made it clear he felt elated about joining forces with a talented artist. “Not only am I still managing my wife’s career, I’m here managing my own career,” he revealed. Papoose explained why he wasn’t afraid to help Jaque rise to the top, noting how other stars get wary of doing the same. “When they hear someone else is talented they don’t want to put them in that position, they’re scared they’ll take their spot,” Papoose said — but not him! Later, Remy Mas sky-rocketing career and big BET Award win gets addressed and he’s nothing but supportive. Papoose gave a “shout-out to everyone that was nominated,” and the host joked how he was trying to be politically correct for Nicki Minaj. Oh snap!

Things are still extremely tense between Yandy and her mother-in-law Judy, especially after their blow-out last week. They’re dealing with some MAJOR trust issues, while Mendeecees remains behind bars waiting on a potential 2018 release. Judy is putting her detective skills to use and scrolling on the ‘gram to get all the tea and she’s not too pleased about Yandy’s sexy style. “She’s dressed in provocative clothes,” Judy says, while checking out her social media page. Judy ends up getting a call from Mendeecees and he’s hoping she’s overreacting about the severity of the situation. She’s totally going to continue telling Mendeecees what Yandy is doing while he’s gone, even more so after seeing her questionable video shoot (with lotion)!

Anais is ready to expand her fan-base and cross over onto the American market. “With my marriage on the rocks, it’s more important now than ever that I take my career to the next level,” she reveals in her confessional. Rich Dollaz stops by her smoldering photo shoot and can’t keep his eyes off the star, especially after she joked about having a threesome in the forest! She’s even causing a ruckus with her manager’s girl. “Ashley — I can’t help that she’s insecure about her man. I have to use what I have to get what I want,” Anais responds to the criticism. Rich continues to blush over her suggestive remarks, even though he’s trying to change his ways and ditch the creep squad…but we’ll see how long he can resist temptation!

DreamDoll is shining! She’s been teaming up with Dj Self and is now the first female artist to be signed to his record label Gwinin Entertainment. DreamDoll’s sizzling new album Life In Plastic is charting with her single “Everything Nice,” and Safaree Samuels takes notice! “She looking good, I’m not going to lie,” he gushes. “You are definitely easy on the eyes. I like your voice too. After I met you I started looking you up and I was intrigued to say the least,” he says while chatting with Dream Doll. It looks like the feelings are totally mutual, since she responds: “I appreciate that coming from you.” Safaree’s mom desperately wants him to stop chasing after female rappers with enviable curves, but he’s supposedly got it covered. Uh huh…

The feud between the new ladies has already reached a boiling point and it’s causing a rift between friends. “Me, Bianca and Bri, we’ve known each other for 10 years,” Jaque says. “But now, this sh*t is crazy. I don’t know what Bianca was thinking, but I also don’t know what Bri did to provoke her.” Bri tries to explain how the drama popped off, revealing that a shoe was thrown at her face during an industry party. That’s not the only trouble brewing, since Judy has already driven a wedge between Yandy and Mendeecees. “I don’t know what she said, but we’re not speaking now,” Yandy admits. “He reached out to me and said ‘I heard you were being inappropriate with some guy.'”

Mariahlynn’s back and better than ever! “I have a new single that’s about to drop, but what I’ve really been spending a lot of time on is my personal life. I have a new boo (James R) and he’s been really supporting my career. What attracted me to him is well…you can see,” she admits. “He’s super sweet like a peach and he’s fine as hell. If he keeps giving me diamonds like this, this can work.” She invites James to her single release party and lets him know that her boss will be there. “Play very nice with him for me,” Mariahlynn says. “I’m not a fan of him,” James fires back, noting how DJ Self has been giving her gifts and more. James think DJ Self is trying to mix business with pleasure and he wants him to keep those hands out of his “cookie jar.”

Ashley is introduced and we finally get to see the woman Anais’ manager Navarro is in love with. The dynamic between the trio will definitely be tested, since Anais apparently has no problem crossing boundaries. “I don’t like how inappropriate she is with you, so I need to check that b*tch,” Ashley says. “Anais purposely flirts with him in front of face, so I wonder what’s going on behind my back.” She calls at 4 and 5 in the morning and sends him naked pictures, but Ashley is still going to try and be professional. “The moment she disrespects me to my face, I’m going to show her,” Ashley warns her nemesis. Consider that foreshadowing, since they almost throw down!

Safaree treats DreamDoll to an adventurous, acrobatic date. “From the moment, I met her she made an impression on me,” Safaree admits. “He’d be a perfect guy for me. We both do music and I’ve got a thing for chocolate,” DreamDoll also gushes. They’re both pretty vulnerable and afraid of heights, so they click! She explains how she originally thought he was cocky and arrogant but notes, “I feel like your mom would approve of me.” He compliments her lips and they pack on major PDA, sweetly kissing at the end of the date! The lovey-dovey vibes quickly change at the closing of the episode, when James attends Mariah Lynn’s event and faces off with DJ Self. These two don’t see eye to eye and we can predict there will be beef ahead!

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