Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Run From Alleged Gang Member In Downtown LA — Watch

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not only rumored to be dating, they're also running away from gang members like they somehow got cast in The Warriors. Couple goals, right?

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While it was just reported that Justin Bieber, 23, pursued Selena Gomez, 25, during her relationship with The Weeknd, 27, we’re now learning that a man recently pursued the two reunited lovebirds in downtown Los Angeles… and he’s allegedly part of a dangerous gang (cue: nervous laughter). In all seriousness, things escalated when a man alleging to be a member of the notorious MS-13 gang encountered Justin and took a video of him at a swap meet. Watch the intense video above.

After Justin told the alleged gang member that he “doesn’t want to speak to you like this,” the man taking the video threw up a gang sign (no, he didn’t vomit a gang sign). Later, the same guy started following Justin and Selena, yelling, “hey, Bieber, I f*ck with you.” And what was Bieber’s response? Well, it wasn’t singing “When You’re A Jet, You’re A Jet All The Way” from West Side Story while snapping his fingers. In typical flight-or-fight fashion, Justin and Selena did what anyone would do in that situation and booked it out of there.

We reported earlier Justin was afraid Selena might die as a result of her previous kidney transplant, which put things in perspective for him. Hopefully, the two can restart their romance off right and not be followed or intimidated by any sketchy characters. While you thank the sweet, merciful heavens for keeping Justin and Selena safe, check out these pics that will make you relive the ups and downs of Justin’s professional and personal life.

HollywoodLifers, how fast would you run away if you were being followed by a gang member? The answer can be in miles or Biebers per hour.