Wendy Williams Slams Tyrese After Rant: Your Mouth Is Why No One In Hollywood Will Hire You

Despite Tyrese's wild rant, where he cried about how he can't get work in Hollywood, Wendy Williams doesn't feel bad for him. In fact, she offered him blunt advice and told him that HE is the reason he's jobless!

Wendy Williams, 53, doesn’t want to see Tyrese‘s tears. Instead, she thinks the actor, 38, should keep quiet and stop airing his problems on social media. After his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson claimed he allegedly beat their daughter Shayla, 10, Tyrese lashed out. His most recent episode occured on Nov. 1, when he broke down in tears over his nasty custody battle, and then claimed that he cannot get work in Hollywood. And, you know Wendy weighed in. “It’s not Norma’s fault if you’re not working, it’s your fault of your mouth on social media, that’s what it is,” Wendy told her audience on Nov. 2. “If he’s on social media crying about $13k… I wouldn’t want to hire him, he’s a problem.”

The Fast and Furious actor took to Facebook on Wednesday [via video] to address a slew of topics he’s recently made headlines about. He cried hysterically over his daughter Shayla and his on-going custody battle with his ex-wife, Norma. He claimed he pays 13k in child support and begged Norma not to “take away his baby,” before he said he can’t find work. In early Sept., Norma accused him of abusing their Shayla and was granted a temporary restraining order. In court docs obtained exclusively by HollywoodLife.com, physical and legal custody of Shayla was temporarily granted to Norma, while ordering the actor to stay 100 yards away from both of them, including Norma’s home. After that, Tyrese had a banner flown over Shayla’s school, which read, “No matter what, daddy loves you Shayla.”

In the video [as seen above] Tyrese begins talking about his feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It all began when he took to social media in early Oct. to address The Rock’s Fast and Furious spinoff. Tyrese accused the rock of taking a private deal “without thinking of what I’m dealing with personally.” Tyrese also accused The Rock of “breaking up the Fast family.” Tyrese took another shot at The Rock Tyrese took a shot at The Rock on Instagram, later calling him a “clown,” selfish” and “NOT the people’s champ.” He’s recently threatened not to star in Fast and Furious 9 if The Rock is in it.

As for the latest in the on-going custody battle — Tyrese posted a video around 11 AM ET on Nov. 2, where he was in the car on his way to court. He asked for prayer for him and his daughter and said whoever’s been trying to reach out to him, he changed his number because of “negative energy.”

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Tyrese’s emotional rant?

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