‘Riverdale’ Recap: Betty Gets A Disturbing Message From The Black Hood Killer

The Black Hood killer has his muse: Betty Cooper. On the Nov. 1 episode of 'Riverdale,' Betty and her friends desperately try to crack the murderer's message before he strikes again.

In the wake of the attack on Fred and Miss Grundy’s murder, Riverdale is practically on lockdown. People are afraid to walk the streets alone. Everyone is terrified of the Black Hood killer, and the Red Circle video that’s circulating is not helping things at all. Archie has gone down the rabbit hold to avenge his father and take down the Black Hood. Oh, sweet, noble Archie. Don’t do this to us!

Hermione and Hiram gang up on Veronica and tell her she can’t date Archie anymore in the wake of the video. As much as he tries to deny it, Hiram is loving the chaos. Meanwhile, Alice is angry with Betty for helping Polly get away. She’s terrified, too. Every time Betty walks out the door, Alice fears she’ll never come back.

One of the new Southside Serpent recruits wants to take down Archie as his way of becoming a full-on Southside Serpent. Jughead tries to divert the young Serpents away from Archie. Jughead wonders why they’re not trying to take down the Black Hood. Well, these Serpents actually don’t mind the Black Hood. They think he’s a hero.

Veronica goes to Archie to break down what’s happening with her parents. Archie’s confused. Hiram practically gave him the idea when they were chatting in his study. Their conversation is cut short when Archie is called to the principal’s office. He’s been kicked off the football team. Actually, the entire football team has been suspended from playing until the Red Circle is done. All Archie has to do to get the football team up and running is to sign an apology letter. Reggie begs him to, but Archie refuses. He wants to go to the Southside, which he believes is the Black Hood’s turf. Archie believes he may draw the Black Hood out. Reggie says no. Doiley stays behind and gives Archie some information about a place he can go to get things he needs to take down the Black Hood.

A Killer’s Muse

Kevin finds a very shaken Betty at school. She’s gotten a letter from the Black Hood. “He says he’s doing it for me,” she tells Kevin. The Black Hood was inspired by her speech at the jubilee. In addition to the letter, he gives Betty a cipher. Betty doesn’t want Kevin to tell his dad about the letter. She believes this is a test to see what she’ll do with the letter. Betty opts to give her mom the cipher, so that everyone will focus on that rather than the letter.

As it turns out, Toni is a true crime junkie, so she and Jughead are getting along just fine. They work together to try and crack the cipher, while Betty is doing the same thing alone. Betty goes to see Jughead early the next morning and wants to crack the code together. Jughead is totally upfront that he’s been working with Toni. Betty, always the team player, says they should all work on it together. Toni, Jughead, Betty, and Kevin all team up at Jughead’s place. Toni is clearly intimidated by Betty and tries to get under her skin by telling Betty to loosen her ponytail. Kevin fires back with this iconic line: “Betty’s ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.”

Betty plays along and lets her hair down. She starts trying to narrow down the facts about the Black Hood and pisses Toni off. Toni thinks Betty is certain the Black Hood is a Serpent, and she brings up that Jughead’s been lying to her about who he sits with at lunch. Girl fight!

Veronica offers to help Archie with the Black Hood. Archie totally underestimated her. While he had the Red Circle targeted with his video, Veronica created a “movement with style.” Archie still goes to the Southside and is cornered by the young Serpents. When one of them pulls a knife, Archie pulls out his gun. WHOA THERE!

Jughead finds out about the letter Betty got from the Black Hood. He’s frustrated that Betty didn’t tell him. Betty thinks Archie will blame her because the Black Hood is inspired by her, but Jughead swears that’s not true.

Betty, You In Danger, Girl

After Archie is banned from school after a black hood is found in his locker, he has Veronica grab his gun at school. Veronica is scared at what Archie is going to do next. All Archie wants is to kill the Black Hood. Reggie and his crew stop by Archie’s house to pledge their loyalty. The Serpents come knocking, and they’re ready for a fight.

All the concerned citizens of Riverdale meet at the town hall to discuss the Black Hood. Betty figures out that the Black Hood is planning to strike next at the town hall! Betty and Jughead run into the meeting and plead with them all to leave. Meanwhile, the north side and the south side of Riverdale are going at it in a nasty, rain-filled brawl. Archie is getting the sh*t beat out of him when Veronica comes to his rescue. She later cleans up his wounds, and they end up having a sexy makeout session. She cuts it short so they can throw Archie’s gun into Sweetwater River. That may not have been such a good idea. The episode ends with the Black Hood calling Betty!

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