‘L&HH: NY’ Recap — Mendeecees’ Mom Suspects Yandy Is Cheating While He’s Locked Up

This is the life! 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' fans better get ready for an emotional roller coaster, since the Oct. 30 season 8 premiere was lit. Remy Ma and Papoose argue over when to have a baby while Yandy and Mendeecees are struggling with trust issues!

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Remy Ma is at the top of her game on the Oct. 30 premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, titled “Unity.” The “All The Way Up” rap star couldn’t be more excited about the future, especially after winning Best Female Artist at the BET Awards. “As women, as artists, we can come together and rise above the pettiness that’s going on,” she explained during her confessional. Remy has big plans and decides to throw a networking party, inviting everyone to drink and live it up to the fullest for the special occasion. Papoose is so proud of his lady’s accomplishments, gushing: “I have to hand it to my wife. When she sees something she wants to tackle, she goes all out.”

Safaree Samuels is back home in New York and he’s ready to find the woman of his dreams. Safaree’s mother is tired of him dating “thots” and she’s hoping he’ll find someone a bit more wholesome. Safaree opened up about how women in Los Angeles are way too focused on their appearance. When he catches up with DJ Self, Lil Mo and Papoose, Safaree claims he’s over the ladies who have “botox parties.” And to no surprise, it looks like he already has his sights set on L&HH newcomer Dream Doll. “I’m intrigued to say the least,” Safaree says, while spitting game at the sexy artist. Meanwhile, his mom’s voice will definitely keep playing in his ear, since she noted: “I want for you to find a good woman, who can love you and who you can love.”

Yandy is keeping focused on her business and family, even though her hubby Mendeecees is still behind bars. As she gears up to reignite her EGL brand and take her career to the next level, her beau is struggling to deal with his own woes since he’s waiting on a potential 2018 release. “I am putting all my energy into my children,” she explains. When Mendeeces eventually gets in touch with Yandy, he’s upset since he caught wind of how his wife has been dressing and he’s not to pleased to hear about her sizzling style. Adding more trouble to the mix, his mom Judy is coming in the middle by telling Mendeecees all about what Yandy is doing while he’s been gone.

Say good-bye to the creep squad! Rich Dollaz has grown up so much over the last year, and he’s also dealt with a major personal struggle. “I was thirsty all the time, tired, that’s when they told me I have type 2 diabetes,” he revealed. “My grandmother died from it,” Rich added, explaining how several other family members have passed away and lost limbs for the same reason. The reality star is still shocked over since his diagnosis since he’s not an “old dude.” Rich is ready to start fresh and focus on the important things and that means letting go of his old habits, like chasing after women. “Knowing I can die any minute wants to make me take stock of my life,” he confessed.

Get ready for an epic cat fight, since Bianca Bonnie is back and she’s not letting anybody come for her throne — especially Brittney Taylor. The ladies get in a VERY heated altercation during an epic club night, proving the claws are definitely coming out this season! Rich happens to be there and he’s trying to shed light on the situation, so he explains how they’re both getting caught up, and claiming to be just focusing on their business. “Bianca is a total fraud and she’s been trying to be like me since day one,” Bri says about her nemesis. It goes from zero to 100 when the foes come face to face. “You think you’re cute after you jumped me,” she says, before punches are thrown!

There’s no shortage of spice! Latin star Anais is welcomed to the cast and the (married) Dominican-born songstress is ready to make a splash in the Big Apple. After taking a break to have babies, she’s back and feeling better than ever — about her career at least. “My marriage has been a problem for a while now,” she admits about her relationship with Ruben. “For years, I was dedicated to being a wife and mother, but now I want to be a STAR!” Anais claims her hubby better get on board or he’s going to get left behind! “She’s a lot to handle,” her manager explains, but he still think’s she’s a force to be reckoned with. There’s definitely trouble in paradise when it comes to her rocky marriage, so we’ll see how this evolves over the next few episodes!

With Remy’s career on the rise, she’s battling with her hubby over when to start the IVF process, since he’s ready to start a family. “You’re just taking on more and more responsibilities,” he explains. “You didn’t honor what you said you were going to do.” The rapper is determined to keep going after her big year and she believes that more hard work is ahead, but Papoose wants her to focus on baby making. “After the devastating miscarriage last year, we’re ready to move forward and try again,” Papoose says. “I can still work on my album,” she says, revealing how a bundle of joy is on her list of things to do.

Of course, the best (most dramatic) part was saved for last. Yandy was busy working on a music video shoot with a hunky artist and was caught putting lotion on him by Mendeecees’ mom. Even though it was innocent, the image didn’t rub Judy the right way. “He sends his mom down here to make sure I’m working and not messing around,” Yandy says while enraged. “I don’t want to see my daughter-in-law rubbing up on someone,” she fires back, noting how he was seemingly enjoying it. “I will lotion his elbows [so he doesn’t mess up his clothes],” Yandy says, “but since when is that have sex with me now?!” The tension reaches a boiling point and there’s clearly major trust issues going on!

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