Rose McGowan Attacks James Corden As A ‘Motherf***ing Piglet’ For Weinstein Victim Jokes

Rose McGowan, who is reportedly one of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault victims, came for James Corden for jokes he made in the wake of the allegations over 30 women have brought against the Hollywood exec.

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UPDATE: James Corden has issued an apology for his jokes, via TMZ: “To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter. I was not trying to make light of Harvey’s inexcusable behavior, but to shame him, the abuser, not his victims. I am truly sorry for anyone offended, that was never my intention.”

Rose McGowan, 44, who has claimed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, 65, raped her, dissed Late Late Show host James Corden, 39, for jokes he made about the the former Hollywood executive and the at least 34 women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault, at the amFAR gala in Los Angeles on Oct. 13. Rose, and many of her supporters, found the jokes he made to be in poor taste in light of the serious allegations posed against Harvey. “This is a beautiful room, it’s a beautiful night here in L.A,” James said in his opening monologue at the gala. “It’s so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage.” “If you don’t like that joke, you should probably leave now,” he said after hearing the mixed response to the joke. “It has been weird this week though, watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath,” he continued. “Harvey Weinstein wanted to come tonight, but sadly he’ll settle for whatever potted plant is closest.”

Rose was definitely not a fan of the jokes James made and didn’t consider them the slightest bit funny. “YOU MOTHERF****** PIGLET,” she tweeted on the morning of Oct. 15. Rose then made three points to her followers in subsequent tweets about everything that was wrong with James’ monologue. “1) James Corden is a close friend of [Harvey Weinstein’s]…2) Hearing the audience’s vile roars & laughs show EXACTLY what kind of HOLLYWOOD you really are… 3) @CBS DONATE TO @ELAWC OR YOU TOO SUPPORT RAPE CULTURE.” CBS is the network that broadcasts the Late Late Show and ELAWC is the East Los Angeles Women’s Center. Click here to see pics of women who have worked with Harvey.

The actress, who was one of the very first to speak out against Harvey, has been an active voice throughout the mounting allegations against Harvey. She has been openly critical of those she does not believe are helping fight against the former Hollywood executive, or may have known what was going on before the public allegations were made. She has been so important in the conversation that when her Twitter account was suspended, it sparked the #WomenBoycottTwitter movement. You can read some of the reactions to what James said (and Rose’s reaction) below.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of James’ jokes and Rose’s reaction to them? Let us know below.

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