Was LeBron James Caught Swearing At Tristan & Khloe For Filming Cavs Practice?

Watch your language, LeBron James! A wild video shows the NBA star cursing out some cameramen for causing a ‘sh*t show’ during his team’s practice. Wait a minute – was LeBron blasting the ‘KUWTK’ film crew?

If that film crew was really there to follow Tristan Thompson, 26, and Khloe Kardashian, 33, don’t expect this scene to show up on a future episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. LeBron James’s language certainly won’t get on the air, not after the 32-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers star dropped some profanity at the “sh*t show” he saw unfolding before him. King James uploaded a video to his Snapchat on Oct. 5, according to Complex, where he said “the [poop emoji] show is here today!”

“The sh*t show is here. The sh*t show is here,” LeBron shouts loudly while recording the cameras in the team’s workout room. King James seemed both irritated and slightly amused by the cameras. “Did you see the sh*t show. Look at the sh*t show gang – there they go. The sh*t show.” HollywoodLife.com has reached out to E! to confirm that it was indeed the KUWTK crew, though Complex reports that the crew that “make their living filming Kardashian-related hijinks” got access to the facility to record Tristan.

If those were Kardashian cameramen, it wouldn’t be the first time that the show invaded the NBA. Khloe had the crew follow her and Lamar Odom, 37, around when he was still an active play for the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron better get used to seeing them around, because Khloe is reportedly pregnant with Tristan’s baby. Hopefully, this doesn’t upset these two teammates, as it seems they’ve just gotten over their rift. Remember how LeBron got into a screaming match with Tristan ahead of the NBA Playoffs? Are these two set for another knock-down, drag-out fight?

Or maybe they can hug it out? After all, that’s what LeBron and Khloe did when they hung out on Sept. 15. As the crews were going their separate ways, LeBron and Khloe gave each other a warm hug. So much for that “Kardashian Kurse.” However, if KUWTK keeps interrupting the Cavaliers’ practice – and interfering with LeBron’s chase for another championship – then King James will not be in a hugging mood. After all, he has no time for “sh*t shows.” He has a championship to win!

What do you think about LeBron’s comments, HollywoodLifers?