‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Scott & Malia Heat Things Up — Plus, Derek Resurfaces

'Teen Wolf' hit us with two new episodes on Sept. 17. Scott and Malia finally sealed the deal -- in the shower! -- and Derek popped back up once again. Can you believe next week is the series finale?!

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Scott and the pack have gotten their hands on a cell phone that features a message from a woman they think could be the other half of the Anuk-Ite. The pack must keep the two halves of the Anuk-Ite apart. Theo wants to keep all eyes on Aaron and make sure he stays away from the other half of the Anuk-Ite. If the pack is able to stop the Anuk-Ite, they’ll be able to stop the war. Sounds simple enough, right?

While Scott and the boys focus on keeping the two halves of the Anuk-Ite apart, Malia and Lydia go to see that dead hellhound Halwyn. Lydia is certain that he’s not really dead. She’s just got to find a way to communicate with him. They go to extreme levels to get in touch with him. Malia even knocks Lydia out so she can have a vision. Lydia realizes that Halwyn isn’t really dead, but waking him up isn’t going to be easy. They do manage to bring him back and quickly recap what’s happening with the Anuk-Ite. They need to know how to kill this thing and fast.

Mason and Theo team up to find Aaron. The tension is real between them, but they know each other’s strengths. Theo’s the fighter, while Mason’s got the brains. Once these two hit up the tunnels, they can both feel the fear. Despite what they’re feeling, they follow the fear.

Liam figures out the voice on the call — his biology teacher at school, Mrs. Finch. He goes to school to confront her. He tries to get her to admit she’s a werewolf, but she refuses to come clean. It’s not until Scott walks in the room with the voice mail she left that she starts to unravel. Scott tells Mrs. Finch that her family is dead. However, her daughter’s body wasn’t found. There was just a faceless body that had no DNA.

Quinn is Mrs. Finch’s daughter. She’s the one we met a few episodes ago. Quinn attacks her own mother in hallway at school. Scott sends Liam to go find Quinn. Liam is understandably scared about having to potentially fight Quinn and Aaron. Scott knows Liam can handle this.

Don’t Look

“Maybe I want to be here,” Theo tells Mason. “Maybe I want to be in the pack.” Aw! Our Theo is coming around. Theo may not be on Mason’s good side, but that doesn’t stop Theo from saving Mason. Theo fights Aaron and gets injured in the process.

Over at the hospital, Halwyn reveals how he stopped the Anuk-Ite last time. He tells Lydia and Malia to keep the two halves apart. If they merge, there’s no way the pack will catch it. Oh, and if you look at the Anuk-Ite, you’ll die instantly. Because of the silver from the bullet, Halwyn dies — AGAIN.

Unfortunately, the two halves meet before Lydia and Malia warn anyone. Liam is ready to take them on in the library. Aaron and Quinn kiss and swap those gross spiders. They start to fight and Aaron snaps Quinn’s neck. He begins to shift into one disgusting monster. Before Liam can look at the Anuk-Ite, Lydia saves him in the knick of time. Two hunters aren’t so lucky. They’re turned to stone when they look at the Anuk-Ite.

The pack realizes they’re going to have to learn to fight without seeing. That’s why they need Deucalion’s help.

One Hale Of A Return

After a long day, Malia helps clean Scott up. Before you know it, they’re stripping down and heading into the shower. We are finally blessed with Scalia shower sex! And it is HOT!

The Anuk-Ite goes to the hospital, killing everyone in sight. Gerard is at the morgue ready to make a deal with the monster. Gerard knows that the Anuk-Ite wants freedom, and Scott is standing in the way of that. The Anuk-Ite can’t beat Scott in a physical fight, so Gerard offers to weaken Scott as long as the Anuk-Ite kills Scott and his friends.

Argent goes to Brazil to do some investigating. A mass murder has left people terrified. But there’s one man who wants to find the killers more than the police — and that’s Derek Hale. Praise! Our boy is back!

Another Familiar Face Returns

Back in Beacon Hills, Monroe is still torturing Ethan. Jackson is nowhere to be found. Monroe is on her high horse about how it’s time for the supernaturals to hide, run, and be hunted. She’s got a whole army of people willing to do her bidding.

Lydia wakes up from a nightmare saying two very important words: “Where’s Jackson?” She runs to Scott’s place and Peter’s there. She reveals she saw him and everyone else turned to stone in a vision. They have to stop the Anuk-Ite NOW.

Argent tracks down Derek and begs him to come back to Beacon Hills. He’s the ally the pack needs right now. Before Derek can make a decision, the FBI shows up. One agent starts shooting at them, and her name is KATE ARGENT! She’s just about to shoot Derek in the head when Argent gets the upper hand. Kate manages to get her hands on the powerful wolfsbane Derek was after. She proclaims this wolfsbane is going into a bullet that will end up in Scott’s head.

Fighting Blind

Despite all the bad things he’s done in the past, Nolan decides to help Liam and the pack. But is it a trick? He takes Liam to the hospital and shows him a group of people who are being pumped with wolfsbane. Gabe catches Nolan on his way out of the hospital and beats the bejeezus out of him. Later, Mason and Corey go to the hospital and quickly realize they’re bait. Liam’s still inside the hospital as well. Monroe has everything sealed off. She knows Scott will come for his pack members. It’s just a matter of time.

Malia and Scott cross paths with Deucalion again. They need his help now more than ever. They ask him to teach them how to fight blind. Lydia shows up with Peter and says breathlessly, “None of us are going to survive this.” Way to be encouraging, Lydia! Suddenly, hunters start shooting at them. Deucalion goes down immediately, while Scott, Malia, Peter, and Lydia run for cover. Come on, Jeff Davis. Don’t leave us hanging like that!

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