‘Fuller House’ Season 3 Scoop: DJ & Steve’s ‘Unresolved Feelings,’ Vicky’s Return & More

The cast and creator spoke exclusively with HollywoodLife.com at PaleyFest in LA about what’s coming up for the Fuller clan.

The new trailer for Fuller House reunites the family, and celebrates the fact that it’s been 30 years since the premiere of the show — so naturally, the core family, with the exception of Michelle, recreated that opening scene and even brought back the car, bullet. In the trailer, we also learn that Steve and C.J. are planning their wedding… in Japan. The Japan episode(s) will air in the second part of season three; the first part hits Netflix on Sept. 22, and the second part will be released a bit later in the year.

HollywoodLife.com attended PaleyFest in LA on Thursday night, speaking to the cast about what to expect for season three, which will start with “a big food fight in the backyard” over the summer, Andrea Barber told us on the red carpet. “Jimmy spends a lot of time with Ramona trying to bond and be her best friend but she doesn’t like it because she’s a teenager and in high school and doesn’t want her mom around. So Kimmy goes to great lengths to bond with her daughter. Let’s just say I had a stunt double for some of these things because Kimmy goes to great lengths to bond with her daughter.”

While Kimmy’s brother, Jimmy and Stephanie’s relationship seems to grow this season, Steve and D.J.’s does not. We found out at the end of season two she was going to pick Steve… but then he proposed to C.J., and she’ll be dating Matt when the season begins.”Steve is really getting married,” D.J. says in the trailer. “And not to you… which is fine if you happen to hate fairy tales and happy endings,” Kimmy adds. So is she okay with it?

“So when we started season three, she’s committed to her relationship with Matt and she’s very happy. But of course, unresolved feelings have to be talked about,” Candace Cameron Bure said during the panel at PaleyFest. “That’s a big secret to keep. So throughout this season, those conversations happen. I can’t tell you what happens because of it but they all have to talk it through.”

As for what else to expect, the show’s creator Jeff Franklin revealed that Vicky, Danny’s girlfriend played by Gail Edwards, will actually be back, as well. Jeff wasn’t actually part of the show when Vicky and Danny broke up — they were engaged and in a long distance relationship, but she called it off when she landed a permanent job in NY; Jeff admitted he was very upset about how it ended. “I wasn’t there for that, that wasn’t my fault. We’re making a lot of things right,” he told the crowd.

We’ll also see Mr. Bear back on the show — and Jodie Sweetin owns the original one. “I brought him from home. I brought the actual Mr. Bear,” she said. “The actual real Mr. Bear lives at my house on the shelf next to my Lego Full House house that Legoland built for me that’s an actual recreation of the Full House house, which is so cool.”

The first half of season three of Fuller House will hit Netflix on Friday, September 22. Do you think Steve and DJ are endgame?