The Dolan Twins Slam Jake Paul & Fake YouTube Drama: You Didn’t ‘Make Us’

The Dolan Twins are sick and tired of Jake Paul insinuating that they wouldn't be famous without him! The adorable YouTube brothers are setting the record straight, and blowing the whistle on fake internet drama, too!

The Dolan Twins are known as some of the most positive and happy-go-lucky YouTubers on the web, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been dragged into drama in the past. Ethan Dolan, 17, and Grayson Dolan, 17, sat down with fellow web star Caspar Lee for his Life After YouTube series, and they got SUPER honest about their past with Jake Paul and Team 10. Click here for pics of the hunky twins.

“Jake never tried to sign us,” explained Grayson, clearly frustrated. “There’s something in his book too that says how we were like his ‘test experiments’ and that he flew us out to LA, which he didn’t. He’s said some things privately to other people that I just don’t know why he said it.” One of those things is that Jake made them famous, something they both dispute.

“Jake was saying that him and Logan blew us up,” said Gray. “Our videos weren’t doing that far off from each other to begin with. It wasn’t like we were just random kids that Jake found. We were all creators. We were getting the same amount of likes [on Instagram] if not more. Like that doesn’t matter to me, but he said he made us. I would never say that about anybody, even if I did. How do you ‘make’ someone?”

It sounds like the worst part of the feud was that the twins really loved Jake, and considered him a good friend in the beginning. “He did let us stay with him and we made content with him, we had fun. Jake was a great friend of ours and I still believe the kid is a good person, you know, deep down.” Ethan explained that Jake really helped him get through being picked on in school. It’s unfortunate that things went so badly!

The twins also don’t like the idea of “YouTube drama,” something Jake is often involved in from diss tracks, to slamming his ex, to feuding with other stars. “Everything’s fake, it’s a lot of just hype because people like drama,” said Grayson. “It’s entertaining, but it doesn’t make me feel good, it makes me feel like sh*t. Who are you helping by bringing someone down?” Watch the whole 30-minute interview, above.

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