‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A Fan Fave Character’s Life Is Left In Serious Jeopardy

The Aug. 7 episode of 'Teen Wolf' revealed that new and dangerous hunters are on the way. Plus, is [SPOILER] dead after being surrounded by hunters? The stakes are higher than ever, so let's dive in!

Welcome back, Theo! Oh, wait, he’s not doing so hot. Poor guy is sleeping in his car. He’s got no place to go. Then again, it’s hard to feel that much pity for Theo. He did kill his sister. While sleeping in his car, a spider crawls along his hand and BITES him! It’s like freakin’ Spider-Man! The spider makes its way inside of Theo, who goes to Deaton’s office to find a way to get rid of the spider. Theo grabs a SCALPEL and stabs the thing while it’s crawling in his back. Theo pulls out the spider, and it suddenly disappears before his eyes. WTF?!

After this bizarre experience, Theo is ready to call Scott, but he decides not to at the last minute. Next thing he knows, there’s someone knocking on his window. When he turns, Theo’s met with the barrel of a gun. There’s not just one guy, there’s multiple. Suddenly, they start shooting at him. Is Theo dead?!

Scott begins to have some vivid flashbacks about some of his past scary run-ins with hunters. He snaps out of it and is determined to get that bullet he found to Argent. He suddenly hears several heartbeats and finds himself cornered by Stilinski and other deputies. Scott’s eyes go red and he shows his fangs. He takes Stilinski to the ground in the heat of the moment. Realizing there are other people around, Scott gets himself together. Scott decides not to tell Stilinski about the Argent bullet he found.

A Trail Of Blood

The swoonworthy Brett returns to help Liam with first line tryouts. Mason is practically sweating over the prospect of seeing Brett’s 8-pack again. The creepy guidance counselor shows up out of the blue and wants to meet with Liam again. When she opens her door, she sees a huge knife on her desk. “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” is written on her board. Mason recognizes the quote as a Sun Tzu saying. The guidance counselor is noticeably freaked and kicks him out.

Spiders are everywhere these days. Hundreds, if not thousands, of spiders flood into one of the lacrosse player’s mouth. Ew. Meanwhile, Liam goes head-to-head with Brett on the field and gets pummeled. He finally gets the upper hand during one playoff, but it doesn’t last. Brett taunts Liam on the field, telling him that if Liam doesn’t learn to control his anger, someone is going to get hurt. Brett’s got a point. Liam takes out an innocent locker after Brett’s pep talk.

The guidance counselor spots Brett on the field, and she’s got that crazed look in her eye. Later, she tries to take him down just like she did with the hellhound. Thankfully, Brett gets away. Later, Liam and his pals see a trail of blood in the locker room. My first thought is Brett, but the body is unidentifiable. They end up finding Aaron in a classroom acting really weird.

Eichen House: The Final Round

Lydia realizes the sound she heard in her vision was a card swipe at Eichen House. Parrish doesn’t want her to go there alone, considering what happened last time. Parrish goes and finds out the hellhound that fought him actually built Eichen House! Apparently, the hellhound had been in a state of hibernation in case “it” got out. The Eichen House doctor has no idea about the “it” the hellhound was referring to.

Parrish hears a girl say, “Help me.” He follows the girl’s voice and ends up in a bathroom full of dead bodies. The girl, the only one left alive, keeps saying, “It’s here.” The creepy Eichen House doctor electrocutes Parrish when he tries to get the girl out. The doctor locks up Parrish and turns the temperature down dangerously low so Parrish will freeze to death!

No one can get in touch or find Argent. Scott and Malia head to his bunker and try to hack into his computer system. After some failed attempts by Malia, Scott figures out Argent’s password: ALLISON! Speaking of Argent, he’s meeting with some suspicious men looking to buy some serious weaponry. Scott and Malia show up and get caught in the gunfire that goes down. Once they have the final guy cornered, Argent asks who the guns are for. Instead of revealing his leader, the guy drops a smoke bomb and gets away. Argent swears to Scott he hasn’t stamped a bullet since Allison died.

While still at the police station, Lydia senses something’s wrong with Parrish. When she listens to the radio, she overhears the doctor talking to Parrish. Lydia races to Eichen House to save Parrish. The doctor has a gun to Parrish’s head and gets ready to pull the trigger, but Lydia saves him. YASSSS!

The Sum Of All Fears

Malia confronts Scott about his freakout in the woods and admits she’s been “worried” about him. They’re so cute. They’ve been through so much and still manage to see the light. They help Argent figure out the trajectory of the bullet that killed the hellhound. Argent realizes it’s a silver bullet. Good werewolf hunters know that you can’t kill a werewolf with a silver bullet. This is someone who doesn’t know that they’re doing, but they’re still dangerous. This is a new hunter.

Scott puts all the pieces together. The werewolves, the rats, the mysterious new hunter are all driven by one thing: fear. Malia asks what everyone’s afraid of and Scott replies, “Us.” He continues: “You don’t know what fear will do to somebody. It could change them. They’ll look at us differently. They’ll do things that they’ve never done before.”

Brett goes after the guidance counselor again when she’s in the woods. He gets shot with an arrow before he can kill her and runs off. But this chick is not alone. When she calls out to the person, the voice is someone we all know and love to hate. It’s Gerard!

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