‘Teen Wolf’: Dylan Sprayberry Teases Major ‘Conflict’ Ahead & Liam’s Life After Hayden’s Departure

Is Liam Dunbar going to catch a break? HollywoodLife.com talked EXCLUSIVELY with Dylan Sprayberry about what's next for Liam after the premiere. Will he get over Hayden?

When Teen Wolf picked up for season 6B, Liam wasn’t having the easiest time. Not only did his girlfriend Hayden leave town, but Scott was preparing to depart for college. Liam also got into a nasty fight with a new hellhound, and his anger issues resurfaced in the July 30 premiere. Are things going to continue to get worse for Liam, or is he on the upswing? Dylan Sprayberry, 19, has the answers!

HollywoodLife.com got the chance to talk with Dylan about the final season. We chatted about everything from Liam’s journey to life without Scott around to Liam and Mason’s friendship to even the reboot! Check out our Q&A below:

Liam had it a little rough in the premiere, what can you say about what’s next for him?
Dylan Sprayberry: I think it’s just going to be about him picking up the pieces after his girlfriend leaving and, you know, he’s just got a lot more going on. They all are going through a lot of stuff. Also, with Liam still being a little anger monster, I think that adds pressure and makes it harder for him. I mean, he really just doesn’t want to be alone. His girlfriend really comforted him and kept him in control, and then she left and now he feels like a piece of him is gone. I think that it’s just about him learning to put all that aside and keep protecting Beacon Hills.

Will we see Hayden again?
Dylan Sprayberry: I can’t say!

Is he going to continue to be heartbroken that she’s gone or is he eventually going to pick up the pieces and move on?
Dylan Sprayberry: He definitely picks up the pieces. He’s forced to because of the conflict of this season. He’s forced to kind of put it aside, but he’s still in love with her.

I loved Liam and Hayden’s relationship!
Dylan Sprayberry: I did, too! It was a really fun thing to do onscreen. We had a really great chemistry and great time acting together.

Now that Scott is sticking around, how do you think Liam feels about it?
Dylan Sprayberry: I think Liam’s excited about it. I think he knows that at some point he’s going to have to be the leader, so I think he’s just not in any kind of rush. He knows that he can keep learning from Scott and all the older kids. He doesn’t want to sacrifice that. He’s not in any rush for them to go away. He’s not really itching to be the leader right away.

I think he needs a little bit more confidence, wouldn’t you agree?
Dylan Sprayberry: I think so. I think if he was put to the challenge he could rise to the occasion, but he definitely needs to work on his confidence.

With Hayden gone and Liam’s anger issues resurfacing, is he going to be leaning on Scott, Mason, or both in the final episodes?
Dylan Sprayberry: I think both of them. I think that Mason and Liam are a little bit closer in terms of just being the same age and best friends. They can kind of just talk about whatever, and it’s really easy. Whereas with Scott, Liam is a little more — not reserved — but Scott’s his leader, his big brother, and Liam doesn’t want to always confess that he’s nervous or scared or doesn’t think he’s ready. You don’t want to admit that to your leader. But I definitely think there is a family aspect to it, so I don’t think Liam’s really scared to tell Scott any of that, but I definitely think he would tell Mason first and try to figure it out first before crying to Scott.

What’s your favorite aspect of Liam and Mason’s friendship?
Dylan Sprayberry: Selfishly, I just love that I got to hang out with my friend every day. That was kind of the best part of it for me. But in terms of onscreen, because we are friends in real life, our friendship on the show can be very, very specfic and have this liveliness to it that you wouldn’t really get if you weren’t friends. But I think their friendship shows kids that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. Friends are friends, and they’ll stick by your side.

Jeff Davis has said that you’re going to have some conflict with Theo. What can you say about that? 
Dylan Sprayberry: It’s always back and forth. I think since Theo came on the show, Liam always has a problem with him. But we figure out a way to make it kind of comedic, which I think is cool. Cody [Christian] and I have a lot of fun playing those kind of comedic, agitated bits. Since they’re always back and forth, you never know what’s going to happen with that relationship. I think that’s why everyone likes it because they might actually be really pissed off at each other one second and another second they have each other’s backs. One second they’re giving each other sh*t and they’re kind of making fun of each other. I can’t really say exactly what the conflict is because there’s all different kinds of conflicts that that relationship has, but there will be conflict with Theo for sure.

We’ve got this new threat with the hunters and we’ve heard there’s going to be another villain, so where is Liam’s place in all of this?
Dylan Sprayberry: I mean, at first, they’re all kind of in the same boat because everyone’s trying to figure out what’s happening and trying to get down to the root of the problem. But I think that Liam’s role is kind of like the second leader in a way that he’s a little bit more in charge of the younger kids. He’s like the mini leader. That’s kind of his place. And then you know he’s still trying to progress his skills to become the alpha.

There are talks of a reboot years down the road. Would you reprise the role of Liam?
Dylan Sprayberry: Oh, yeah. I really don’t know what this reboot is going to consist of. I have no idea. I heard about it the day we were going to Comic-Con to do all the interviews. I would definitely do it. I would love to see in a couple of years, you know, Liam’s character grown up and figure out what he’s doing and see if he is still part of the pack and if he followed with what he was going to do originally. There’s tons of things that could be written for him. So if they wanted to Liam’s character back, I’d love to do it.

Teen Wolf season 6B airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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