12 Beauty Trends From The 2000s We Regret Years Later

Regrets, we have a few. We're talking about the aughts, 2000 -- 2010, when our beauty choices were, shall we say, questionable. From frosted tips to frosted lips, here are the 12 beauty trends we wish we could forget.

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We’ve all made bad choices at one point in our lives, right? Right? Look, we know that you can’t rewrite the past, but we guarantee that some celebrities, just like us, would love to burn every picture taken during the early 2000s. Some of you may have been present, and some of you may have been too young, but makeup and hair as a whole were over the top, bananas crazy at the time — and we’re all guilty of participating! Take for instance, some of the most popular hair choices of the time.

At one point in time, the hottest thing you could ever do to your hair is getting extremely wide, chunky highlights. Also affectionately called “tiger stripes,” this trendy hair color involved painting huge blonde stripes in your normal hair color. Conversely, if you were blonde, getting black or brown lowlights. Looking at you, “Dirrty” era Christina Aguilera! If you were really daring, you’d do the coveted three-color dye: brown, blonde and red striped hair. That was ultra-chic.

The guy version of this was the atrocious trend of frosted tips. Everyone from punks to boyband stars rocked this hideous style. Yes, at one point in time  it was hot to look like Guy Fieri. Other guys turned to products like Ice Spikers (remember?) to achieve colored tips. That was a guaranteed trip to the principal’s office in high school. Worth it!

As for makeup, it was basically a rule to achieve these four things: excessive bronzer, extremely glossy lips, glittery skin, and the thinnest eyebrows possible. Eyebrow styles vary from decade to decade, but we think we can all agree that everyone looks better today with natural brows than they did in the aughts with barely-there, pencil-thin brows. It’s just a fact! Listen, you have no idea how many more terrible beauty sins we’re guilty of committing in the 2000s. Take a look at them all in the gallery above (and mock the celebs that rocked them as much as you want)!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked by any of these old beauty trends? Would you ever try some of them now? Let us know!

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