Bernice Burgos Doesn’t ‘Regret’ Fighting With Tiny When She Got ‘Involved’ With T.I.

Bernice Burgos is sounding off on that social media argument she had with Tiny back in April 2017! In a new interview, Bernice spills the tea on what really happened between her, T.I. and Tiny! And, don't think that she regrets those 'petty' comments!

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Was there really a love triangle between Bernice BurgosT.I., 36, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42? — Well, Bernice, T.I.‘s rumored mistress, set the record straight on that and why she doesn’t regret her confrontations with Tiny on social media! “I was shocked. I’m really disappointed at what I did,” she admitted to The Breakfast Club [July 26] about retaliating to Tiny on social media in April 2017. “I’m not saying I regret it. But, I’ve learned from being on social media, it puts you in a place that you have to fight with people you don’t know. [I replied] because I was listening to so many lies [about breaking up their marriage] on social media… ‘You this, you that,'” Bernice explained.

And, the question of the hour — Was Bernice really sexually or romantically involved with T.I.? “[My involvement with T.I.] is strictly business,” Bernice confessed. The model said that they were actually introduced for a movie project. There you have it!

In case you forgot, rumors started to swirl that Bernice was sleeping with T.I. back in March 2017. And, Tiny didn’t stay silent. “I ain’t losing no sleep over no pass around b–ch,” Tiny said in an Instagram comment in March. Then, Bernice replied with a scathing Snapchat video, where she denied being involved with T.I. “This is not me being a n—a’s side chick cause I would never be a side chick, never,” Bernice said straight into the camera. “Ain’t nobody breaking no happy home… that’s none of my business. I’m there for him… he’s a boss and I’m a boss… you’re getting it twisted. We’re just friends.”

Just one month later, in April 2017, the two fierce women went at it once again, on Instagram. On April 9, Bernice, fresh off her first fight with Tiny, took to Snapchat with her friend to jam out to Xscape‘s 90’s hit, “Just Kickin’ It”. And, that’s when fans thought she was taunting Tiny. So, the very next day [April 10], Tiny responded. “Quit being petty,” Tiny supposedly wrote to Bernice on Instagram [as reported by The Shade Room]. Then, Bernice replied: “We not about to sit here and argue about a n—a hunny… Anything else you have to say just let me know I’ll dm you my number.” And, that’s pretty much where to two left things.

The infidelity rumors about T.I. eventually simmered down, and he and Tiny were back to their on-again, off-again relationship. The two are currently on vacation with their adorable family in the Bahamas. And, Bernice currently insists she’s single, and that she and T.I. can be cool regardless of the past. So, we’ll have to see if Tiny’s got anything to say!

HollywoodLifers, do you think T.I. or Tiny will respond to Bernice’s candid interview?

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