Bernice Burgos Gushes Over Ex Drake & Reveals Why They Aren’t Still Together

If Bernice Burgos thinks ex-boyfriend Drake is the 'sweetest guy ever,' then why aren't they together? In her most candid interview to date, the Instagram model reveals what it was like to date him.

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Bernice Burgos & Drake
Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock/Instagram

We know what you’re thinking — when were Drake, 30, and Bernice Burgos a couple?! How did this go unnoticed?! Well, it happened…and the two are still on very good terms. “Drake, I’m going to tell you something about Drake. He’s the sweetest person ever,” the Instagram model gushed during her July 26 interview with The Breakfast Club. “He’s always been good to me and I’ve always been good to him. I will go to his wedding right now if he gets married. He’s surely going to invite me. Why not? I’m cool.” Listen to the full segment below.

And what about the rumors that the “Hotline Bling” rapper bought her a Bentley? Is that true? “It was a gift, I did a trade with my car and they brought it to my house. No, it wasn’t from Drake,” Bernice clarified. “It was from somebody else that was in my life and he is still in my life. He’s my friend. He’s a good person.” Alright, so it sounds like the former couple were never super serious since the brunette beauty had other men in the picture at the same time. A brief fling, perhaps.

But besides the fact that the Toronto-native is a total womanizer, having flirted with Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and the Swedish Lejonhjarta twins under the span of one month, he and Bernice didn’t work out for a different reason. Turns out they were better off as just friends. “Why have we stopped kicking it? [We’re friends] Friends is friends. We’ll be like, ‘Hey, I’m having a party. Are you coming out?'” Now that sounds like a party we’d want to go to!

HollywoodLifers, did you have any idea that Drake and Bernice once dated?!

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