Briana DeJesus’ Post-Baby Plastic Surgery: When She’ll Go Under The Knife Again & More

Briana DeJesus is no stranger to altering her body. But the 'Teen Mom' still managed to shock fans when she announced she's getting MORE plastic surgery less than 2 years after her last procedure. Find out what she's having done here!

Briana DeJesus
Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat

Taking to Twitter on July 18, Briana DeJesus, 23, revealed she’ll be going under the knife once again early next year. She also shared the name of the “favorite” doctor she’ll be going to see — Dr. Miami (aka Michael Salzhauer) who’s a well-known plastic surgeon. “Waiting for January to come around so I can go see my fav doctor @TheRealDrMiami,” Briana posted, to the surprise of her fans. The reality star did, after all, only give birth to her second child, daughter Stella Star, earlier this month on July 2. But nonetheless, Briana told Dr. Miami that her body isn’t how she wants it after having baby number two.

“Things are falling out of place,” Briana said to the doctor in a text conversation, which she later posted on social media. Speaking to Dr. Miami, Radar Online learned what the Teen Mom 2 star plans on having done. “Briana already had one labiaplasty, and although it’s not common to have it done again, it is definitely not uncommon,” the surgeon told the publication. “Briana will have to wait six months before I work on her again because she has to lose the baby weight, which will cause her to have loose skin.” Click here to see Teen Mom stars before and after plastic surgery.

Briana underwent multiple surgeries in January 2016 — all done by Dr. Miami. He revealed that those procedures included a boob job, a butt lift, and labiaplasty all “done at the same time.” “Briana loved her work and I will absolutely do whatever she wants to have done,” Dr. Miami said. “I would absolutely do another labiaplasty  on her in January after she has time to heal.”

But despite loving her results, Briana’s recovery took weeks. “It is really one long operation. She was in a lot of pain and it takes about two weeks to recover. I gave Briana a whole new body,” Dr. Miami told media outlet back in May. “Everything from the neck down is different and, in my practice, it is common to get this all done at once.” Apparently she specifically got labiaplasty because she wanted to feel “comfortable” during sex. And it looks like Briana, who’s also the proud mother of daughter Nova, 5, is going to get a whole new body once again!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you surprised Briana’s getting more plastic surgery done? Do you think she’s making the right choice?

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