‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Recap: Mackenzie Blasts Maci For Hiding Ryan’s Drug Use

Mackenzie was not a happy camper when she came out on stage during Part 1 of the 'Teen Mom OG' reunion special on July 3. And she took all her anger out on Maci, whom she berated for 'exploiting' Ryan and his drug problem on TV.

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The Teen Mom OG reunion special kicked off with a bang on July 3, when Maci and Ryan‘s wife, Mackenzie, went head-to-head over how his drug problem was handled. Specifically, Mackenzie was irritated that Maci knew about Ryan’s drug problem months before she did (186 days to be exact) — meaning, Ryan could have died during that time it was all kept a secret. Mackenzie also accused Maci of taking advantage of Ryan’s drug problem by “exploiting” him on TV. It didn’t help matters that Maci also knew about a time Ryan had a previous problem and received treatment prior to his most recent rehab stint — something that Mackenzie knew nothing about until she was told during the reunion.

“I didn’t exploit Ryan. He exploited himself,” Maci shot back, as Mackenzie read an open letter to the Teen Mom OG star aloud. “Because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler,” Mackenzie further told Maci before adding, “This is not reality television. This is actual reality. Instead of solving the problem or doing what you could in an effort to solve it, you decided to humiliate Ryan, humiliate myself, and his entire family. But more importantly, you humiliated our children for years to come.”

Maci later called the letter and the accusations “ridiculous,” so Mackenzie stormed off stage. She eventually returned, but nothing was resolved. Dr. Drew, however, said everything that’s going on between them is “bulls***” and he hopes they come together at some point in the future because they’re on the same team.

Earlier in the episode, Amber talked about her situation with Matt. Fortunately, he didn’t show up (we wish Amber would oust him from her life altogether), but he did phone in and talk to Dr. Drew about everything. Amber said they’re not broken up, but they’re not together, and they’re currently living together. Then, she said he took $90,000 dollars from her, but he swears part of it was his MTV paycheck. They kept arguing and it seemed like Matt was digging himself a deeper hole, but then Amber warmed up to him (why?!) and said “that’s the Matt I fell in love with.” So as much as we hate to say it, maybe there’s hope for them after all?

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