‘Wonder Woman’: The Perfect Antidote For Our Times — See A Real Hero In Action

If we have EVER needed a heroine who believes in what we thought were the American values of truth, justice, peace, and caring for humanity, it's now. Thankfully, 'Wonder Woman', delivers all of this in spades with oodles of euphoric action and loads of clever humor.

Calling Donald Trump. Can you just please unplug yourself from Fox News and park yourself in front of a big screen and watch Wonder Woman, starring the mesmerizing Gal Gadot? Maybe you’ll get inspired. Inspired to save the world and not set it on fire. That’s exactly what the goddess Wonder Woman does, in her own first feature film. And whether you are a woman or a man, you’ll come out of the theater wishing you too had the power with a shield, bulletproof bracelets, a truth-telling lasso, magic headband and the guts to fight all the evil guys in the world.

Here’s how Wonder Woman does it. She was born to the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) , or actually molded out of clay by her, and then infused with life by the ancient King of the Greek Gods, Zeus. Her mother rules the beautiful Utopian island of Themyscira, home to the all female race of warrior Amazons. Themyscira, has been protected and hidden from the outside world by Zeus for centuries, so that his evil son, Ares, the God of War can’t find and destroy them. Ares has infected the world of men with jealousy and hatred, which has led to countless war.

Within the protected Themyscira, Princess Diana, who grows up to become Wonder Woman, is the only child on the island, and she spends years training with her super fierce aunt, Antiope, ( Robin Wright) and becoming so strong that she grows up to be the most powerful Amazonian warrior of all. She also, it turns out, gets a mighty fine education during all those centuries. We later learn that she knows hundreds of languages, including English and ancient Sumerian, and is well read about human biology and science . She has also been imbued with a mission: She wants to save the world of men and women from the cruelty of war. She wants to fight and defeat evil Ares.

Her opportunity arrives when an American intelligence officer, who has concealed his identity and is embedded with the Germans during WWI, somehow pierces the protective shield around Diana’s island, and crashes into the ocean before her, in his flimsy plane. Diana rescues the undercover pilot, Steve Trevor, played by the swoon-worthy Chris Pine, but he is pursued by Germans, who somehow also burst the island’s protective bubble.

Twentieth century World War I, meets the heroic Amazonian warriors who courageously protect their island with arrow and spears against guns and bullets. The extraordinary invasion is a wakeup call for Diana. She knows that her destiny is calling in the outside world. She is determined to help Steve stop the war and save millions of innocents. The adventure begins and it’s a great one.

This is one superhero movie that is chock full of humor, great dialogue — most of it delivered by the completely charismatic Gadot — and amusingly inspiring scenes. Just imagine a smart, well educated, fierce Amazonian Goddess, who has never even seen a man before Steve, dropped into early 19th century England, where women didn’t even have the right to vote, let alone have any stature in society.

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Faced with the corsets, long skirts and petticoats that Diana is supposed to wear to fit in, she wonders, how in Zeus’ name, she’s supposed to fight. This is a woman used to striding around in a gladiator’s armor bustier, and boots with a leg-freeing miniskirt. And what’s with all these men, supposedly in charge of the Allies war effort, who don’t want to hear from a woman? Well, Diana shows them. Together with Steve and his small band of friends, they head to Brussels and the war front, determined to prevent dastardly German General Ludendorff and his partner demonic female scientist, “Dr.Poison,” from massacring millions with poison gas, and then winning the war.

It’s on the battlefield that Wonder Woman’s epic moment is unleashed — Princess Diana lets loose. Her cloak comes off, her weapons come out and she charges. It’s thrilling. Her resolve to do good is thrilling. Her powers are thrilling and her feminism is thrilling. Every woman who watches will be proud. You can’t put Wonder Woman or any woman in the corner. She’s powerful, so are we, and so is Diana’s idealistic mission of ending war, and seeing the good in the complicated human species.

Yes, it’s the perfect time to be reminded that there still are heroes and heroines — on screen and in real-life — who want to do what’s best for mankind, even for the poor and powerless.

Go see it and let me know what you think, HollywoodLifers!

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