Partynextdoor’s ‘Heart’s Been Broken’ On New EP — Sad He Let Kylie Jenner Go? Listen

PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped a surprise EP on June 2 featuring four brand new songs, but there's one track in particular that caught our ear. Listen to PND lament over letting a woman get away on 'Low Battery' -- and tell us if you think he's talking about Kylie Jenner!

Partynextdoor Colours 2 EP
Image Credit: Courtesy of TIDAL

“I’m not gonna ask you was it worth it/’cause I know I’m not perfect/We are young and you’re still searching, and uncertain/My heart’s been broken…” PARTYNEXTDOOR, 23, sings on his new track “Low Battery.” Talking about his fling with Kylie Jenner, 19, perhaps?! Listen below and hear for yourself.

Kylie and PND’s romance was fast and furious in the spring of 2016; they even made out in the rain in his music video for “Come See Me”. But it was all over by the end of June, and in the outro of this new song, PND sounds heartbroken about her going back to Tyga: “Someone else/You must have wanted someone else.” Stream the Colours 2 EP below:

Check out more of the “Low Battery” lyrics:

Listen, you coulda said you want to see different people
Never knew that your love was so lethal
Shot, shot, shot, it’s a shot, baby
Kept your secrets on the D-low
Lowkey like a C-note
No need for the long-talking, girl
I just want the truth
Face it, reality, there’s no getting back with you
Give me the truth, it’s just between me and you
They don’t even know, they don’t even have a clue
Confess, confess, girl
Need to know facts
Confess and text me back, don’t hold back

Cause my battery is low but I hope my messages come through
Because I need answers from you
I, I need answers from you
I got questions for you
So why dont you got answers for me?
Have you ever lied?
It’s a dumb question, baby girl because everybody lies
But did you lie with someone else?

Someone else
You must have wanted someone else
My battery’s on low and I hope my messages go through

HollywoodLifers, do you think PND is singing about Kylie on his new EP? Tell us how you feel about this!

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